Damping factor
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Thread: Damping factor
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    Damping factor

    How important the damping factor of an amplifier to power up a dedicated midbass or sub IN REALITY ?

    i've read about damping factor in the net saying that the higher the damping factor, the tighter the bass becos damping factor shows how amplifier control the driver's cone movement when no signal, means decay is faster.

    but is this really true in reality ?

    and about ARC SE amp, ARC rated the damping factor of 1600 while caraudiomag tested the damping factor, it comes out of only 160 !!! --->> here : http://www.caraudiomag.com/reviews/c...annel_amp.html

    is ARC really overrated their amp or is this a mistake ?

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    I wouldn't worry too much about amplifier's damping factor

    Damping factor is simply speaker's nominal impedance divided by amp's output impendance.
    Now, we know that speaker's impendance varies by frequency.
    So, damping factor calculated at 1Khz will be different than one calculated at 500hz for example.

    Infact, too high damping factor may be the result of negative feedback. And too much negative feedback may resulting phase shift.

    As for controlling cone movement, damping factor does count on this matter. But the speaker's mechanical structure impacts more than amp's damping factor.

    So, no need to worry lah...
    Most of tube amps as well as class D amps do have lower damping factor than class A/B.
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