FYI: Speaker break-in & CDs recommended utk break in speakers
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    FYI: Speaker break-in & CDs recommended utk break in speakers

    Gue ambil dari manual Dynaudio pas gue beli WLQ220 jamdul...

    Burning-in the speaker system


    a)It is universally known in the high-end industry that all speakers,
    crossover components, cables, and electronics need to have signals passing
    through them for a fair amount of time in order to sound their best
    . This is
    called "burning-in" the system. The fact is that electrons need to develope
    a pathway of flow, dielectrics (the insulation around electric components)
    need to become part of the conductive circuit, conductive materials need to
    form crystallization bonds, and speaker suspensions need to become
    elasticized, or broken-in. Typically, the better the electrical component
    used, the longer the required burn-in time. In all of our individual
    drivers, we use the finest raw materials and the most advanced voice-coils
    and magnets. This means that, unlike most speakers, the cones don't have to
    move much to reproduce sounds; therefore, it takes quite a while for the
    speakers to burn-in. Dynaudio speakers require at least 100 to 200 hours of
    in order to perform at their true potential; you'll discover that it
    is definitely worth the wait.

    b)Once the speakers are thoroughly broken-in, the suspension will be looser,
    and the spider will look settled or slightly sagging. The speaker's low
    frequency extension will be greater, as will its output level and dynamics.
    It is likely that the speaker will gain 2-3dBs more output at its low
    frequency limit. This will be clearly audible as the speaker becomes

    c)You may wonder why this drastic change in performance occurs after the
    speaker has broken in, and why it takes so long. We are using high
    performance motor structures with large diameter voice coils, powerful
    dual-magnets centered in the voice coil, large magnetic gaps, and stiff
    spiders (the corrugated, woven fabric that attaches the voice coil to the
    frame and acts as the lower suspension of the speaker). The purpose of this
    unique design concept is to immediately convert the input signal to the
    speaker into sound generating energy and movement. However, due to the
    design and efficiency of the motor structure, actual cone movement is highly
    controlled, and excursions become short and extremely fast. This is what
    makes our speakers power efficient and dynamic sounding. Therefore, the
    combination of the motor structure's electromagnetic control and the
    mechanically stiff, flat spider yield a speaker withexceptionally low
    distortions and great dynamics, but takes a while to break-in. Again, we
    would like to reiterate the statement that Dynaudio speakers require at
    least 100-200 hours of burn-in in order to perform at their true potential.

    Some recomended Burn-in CD's.

    * a)#1-Mickey Hart / Planet Drum / RykoDisk Gold
    * b)#2-Telarc's Fantasy Adventure Album
    * c)#3-Purist Audio Design's Burn-in Disc
    * d)#4-Yello / Flag or Zebra
    * e)#5-Flim & the BBs / Further Adventures of / DMP
    * f)#6-NIN / Downward Spiral
    * g)#7-Front Line Assembly - Millennium
    * h)#8-Kraftwerk / The Mix

    System playback volume during burn-in should be maintained near 80dB or 90dB, to help speed up the process. If the system is being burned-in while the vehicle is parked, connect a quality battery charger or regulated power
    supply to the battery so that it doesn't get drained.

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    nice info boss..


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