Mending mana ya?????
Scuto Laminating Blackvue HD Car Care

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    Mending mana ya?????

    DVD Pioneer Avic-N2

    Detailed Product Description
    motorized 6.5" touch-screen TFT flip out active-matrix monitor
    plays DVD, DVD-R, DVD-RW, CD, CD-R, CDRW, and MP3
    ID3 Tag text display for CD and MP3 files
    Built in 50 x 4 watt amp
    Built-in GPS navigation system (software, navigation antenna, and receiver all included)
    two map DVDs (US and Canada, and Hawaii, and Aklasks)
    Over 12 million points of interest (to find nearest gas station, restaurant, emergency stops, and much more)
    64MB internal memory
    rear camera input
    DVD/CD changer control
    XM or Sirius satellite radio controls
    audio/video output
    Displays Full-color Vehicle Dynamics - you can watch the acceleration speed, and much more
    audio/video input
    Background images downloadable
    3 sets of preamp outputs
    3-band built-in EQ
    Nice background graphics and images
    Built in 32 bit CPU
    Navigation maps included for US and Canada, and Hawaii, and Aklaska
    tri-zone capable
    Voice control with optional accessory
    Roadside assistance built in (service required)
    Picture Adjustment (Brightness, Contrast, Color, Hue, and Dimmer Settings)
    DVD signal-to-noise ratio 97 dB
    CD signal-to-noise ratio 96 dB
    Navitraffic feature enable you to see the latest traffic info (gex-p10xmt required)
    FM sensitivity 8 dBf
    Memory Navigation - Automatically stores map and route data into its internal memory. After the DVD is is ejected, the unit stores the info in the internal memory, and then you can play CDs, or radio


    Kenwood KVT-617DVD

    Detailed Product Description

    TFT Active Matrix Display
    Motorized, flip-out 7" TFT DVD monitor
    Detachable control panel
    Monitor angle adjustment
    16:9 widescreen aspect ratio
    Ipod ready (model: Kcaip500, in our store)
    22 watts RMS/50 peak x 4 channels
    Frequency response 20-20,000 Hz
    DVD signal-to-noise ratio 115 dB
    FM sensitivity 9.3 dBf
    Selectable screen viewing modes
    Touch-screen controls
    Graphical user interface
    CD changer controls
    Advanced Crossover system
    System Q EX sound control
    Set of audio/video inputs
    Set of audio/video outputs
    Dual-zone capability
    3 sets of preamp outputs
    AM/FM tuner
    18 FM/6 AM presets
    SIRIUS Satellite Radio controls
    Wireless remote included
    Navigation input (model: Kna-g510 in our store)
    TV tuner controls (model ktcv300n (in our store)
    Bluetooth ready
    HD Radio ready

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Wuling MBtech

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