KIC High Performance Oil
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    KIC High Performance Oil

    KIC Ltd (Japan), Project Miu worldwide distribution partner, now brings you, the enthusiast a high performance engine oil which is track tested by the Project Miu Asian Race Teams and now dyno proven in drifting (check out KIC/Flamez S13 Drift Machine in Hot Stuff Issue No 43 & here, .) Specially blended to KiC specs & requirements, KiC High Performance Oil is OEM-manufactured by Fuji Kosan Ltd, Japan's premier performance oil manufacturer.
    Checkout our detailed dyno results here

    To find out how to choose the right engine oil for your car and how engine oil makes a difference check it out here

    Experience the KIC difference at the following dealers

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    Kopral Kepala
    M-Store Point
    psttt.... eugene there?


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