GIN'S rental company car and truck transportation in Indonesia with a fleet of over 500 units spread throughout Indonesia. The company serves the entire industry both in the mining industry, agriculture, farming, housing and other industries with a variety of market segments, ranging from individuals, companies until the government.
GIN'S was founded in 2011 with a rental area includes the islands of Sumatra, Java, Bali, Kalimantan, Sulawesi up to Irian Jaya. With a fleet of old and new as well as competitive prices, flexible and affordable. This company has a lot of work colleagues scattered across Indonesia with the cooperation system on the car rental company and truck transportation local / regional purposes other projects..

To help people and businesses live their lives and do their jobs.

Do whatever it takes to deliver a superior rental experience every time.

Our people
Provide each member of our organization the opportunity to reach his or her full potential.
Our customers
Maintain a level of service that exceeds our customer’s expectations every time.

Deliver innovative industry-leading rental services.
Pursue operational quality standards that exceed those of all our competitors.
Ethics without compromise.


Passenger Cars
This division RENT CAR is to serve you personally, as well as other companies with monthly rental fee and annual according to your needs and your company to support your activities. we have all brands of all types of vehicles that you want.

Vehicle Rental Truck
This division TRUCKING serve all of your company's activities both in and outside the city, covers an area of Sumatra, Java, Bali, NTB, NTT, Sulawesi to Irian Jaya. we have a good fleet of 6 wheels to more than 12 wheels.

We have a fleet of trucks pick up, dump trucks, box trucks, container trucks, tank trucks, lowbed trailer trucks and other truck types according to the needs of your company with a term of up to an annual monthly as you want.

Special Car
Vehicle to support your company in a specific project, such as in mines, plantations, and others

4 x 4 Vehicles
This division provides services, for those of you who like to do a real adventure and travel by road conditions along the vehicle off road 4 x 4 for family or company.

Luxury Vehicles
This division, specially for those of you who want to drive a special vehicle and increase the prestige and luxury for your comfort in the activity..

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