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1. Gold Class Car Wash Shampoo 473 ml
Specially Formulated for your car's paint
Quickly and safely removes loose dirt and contaminants
Long-Lasting sudsing action will not remove wax protection
brigtens paint and leaves a dazzling finish
2. Gold Class Liquid Wax 473 ml
Premium blend of conditioners nourish & enrich paint
Exceptional reflectivity & protection
Glides on & off easily for a brilliant slick finish
3. Quik Interior Detailer 473 ml
Cleans and conditions all interior surface
Contains sunblocking and sunscreening agent for UV protection
No Greasy look or feel
Safe on instrument panels and navigation screens
4. Supreme Shine Microfiber
Ultra plus microfiber produces swirl free, mirror like result
Absorbs two times more than traditional terry towels
5. Applicator Pad
Applicator pad allow for even and safe wax application

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