JDM used part & performance part from japan
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    puchong selangor malaysia
    M-Store Point
    12 Hrs 13 Mins 30 Secs

    JDM used part & performance part from japan

    Hi All

    JDM engines - you name it. Whether it is Honda, Nissan, Toyota, Mazda, Mitsubishi and Subaru, we certainly have what you need! We have hundreds of engines and accessories in stock and ready to ship to you! We strive to deliver you the highest quality of JDM clips, engines and transmission at the lowest prices out there! All our engines is 100% direct from Japan. Having its principle business in Puchong, Selangor Darul Ehsan. We specialize in high performance racing engines front clip, parts and accessories direct from Japan and also having a huge volume of high performance engines in our stock.

    If you interest please visit our website or email us

    email: munlee2003@gmail.com

    web : www.munleeauto.com

    parts: http://www.mudah.my/munleeauto

    racing parts: http://www.mudah.my/auto-racing-part

    4x4 parts : http://www.mudah.my/dndperformance

    - - - - - - - - - -

    we are available used and new shock absorber suspension adjustable coilover damper

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    puchong selangor malaysia
    M-Store Point
    12 Hrs 13 Mins 30 Secs

    FLYWHEELS: The actual horsepower of the engine does not change related to the weight of the flywheel. However, to increase the engine RPM, and accelerate the car, all rotating weight (as well as the entire car) must be speeded up. This requires power, and the heavier the part, the more power needed to speed it up. The less power needed to speed up the flywheel (and rotors, clutch, driveshaft, wheels, tires, car, etc.) the more power available to speed up everything else. The question we are asked frequently - "How much more horsepower will my engine have with a light flywheel" - is not the right question, because the answer is NONE. What you will have is more available horsepower to accelerate the car and yourself down the road.

    The trade-offs are as follows: the heavier the flywheel, the smoother the idle, the easier the starting is from a stop, and the smoother the cruising/slight throttle changes are. BUT - the slower the acceleration is. The lighter the flywheel is, the harder it is to get the car moving from a stop (just requires a somewhat higher RPM before the clutch is let out - which wears the clutch faster), depending on porting, intake, and exhaust, the idle will be somewhat rougher, and some "jerkiness" may be noticed while cruising. BUT - you will be able to accelerate faster. This is true to a much lesser degree on fuel injected engines than on carbureted engines.

    The above reasons are why there are basically three types of flywheels offered. The stock units are fine for most "normal" driving, as done by the vast majority of drivers. The light steel ones are great for "spirited" street driving, middle range autocross classes, some drag racing (heavier is sometimes better), and just general high-performance applications that will still be driven on the street sometimes. The lighter aluminum flywheels are recommended for all road race applications and fuel injected street driven cars where the highest performance is desired.

    NOTE: Excluding the TURBO, all the different flywheels and clutches, from 74 through 92, are basically divided by 215mm clutch (74-82), and 225mm (83-92), then by rear counterweight needed for the engine. We mix and match these all the time. This means if you want to put the larger diameter clutch assembly on a pre-83 application, just let us know - it is no problem. You just need to remember what diameter you have when you next purchase clutch parts.

    CLUTCH PRESSURE PLATES: (Clutch Covers) are available in three types (excluding the Centerforce design), STOCK, STREET/STRIP, and RACE. The stock units work fine for normal, and reasonably hard driving. The STREET/STRIP units have more clamping pressure for less chance of slippage when driven hard, with only a slight increase in pedal pressure. These are the normal upgrade for anyone wanting more than stock clamping pressure. The RACE units give much more clamping pressure, and a "fairly" noticeable increase in pedal pressure. These are great for racing, and usable for the street, if you don't mind the harder pedal, and you do not have to do any stop and go driving. All three types are built from new parts, therefore there is no core required.
    Website : www.munleeauto.com

    Kindly please share your friend like our page for more latest information.


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