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    Quotes from Car Audio enthusiast all around the world (taken from his facebook)

    Your audio collection, installation and determination are awesome to see on here Asawendo! It takes dedication and love for the music to create exceptional sounding systems and you have it! Congratulations and thank you for sharing your many exciting developments!----Ronald K Buffington

    I must echo what Ronald said here. Asawendo, I would put you on the top of the high end collectors in the world. Your desire to collect car audio gems from the past as well the present, is nothing short as amazing. The fact that you actually use what you collect shows extreme character. I am proud to call you friend.----Joe Wallis

    Outstanding collection & very knowledgeable about audio. Greetings from NZ----Graeme Kelly Bickerton

    A very knowledgable collector who appreciates high quality and high fidelity car audio. He also takes the time to share his opinions and suggestions with others and is a valued asset to the OldSchoolStereo community!---Dereck Bigdwiz

    I have never met Asawendo,in person,the degree of dedication he puts into audio,both mobile,and home,is incredible. The project vehichle he shows on FB is a rolling studio,the quality of the components,impeccable,the attention to detail,is enough for people,who have been in the industry for years,to garner a deep respect for him,as I do,i can only imagine what the vehicle experience would sound like,the placement of drivers don't just happen by accident,im sure he took many hours of research and experimenting to achieve the product he has now,the use of a sound damping on the interior panels just shows his true dedication in the pursuit of true sound quality,and this was all for a personal goal,not to appeal to the masses,which of course his effort have garnered,i know I for one truly appreciate his efforts,and introduction of fresh ideas,in new directions.though he doesn't carry a world renowned name,his efforts and dedication to the hobby should not go un noticed. Asawendo is a figure in the world of audio reproduction who should be given recognition for his work.----Toby Ellefson.

    I only met Asawendo here on FB a few months ago, but I have learned as much from him in a short time as I have from many others over many years. He has a tremendous collection of quality gear, but it is his open minded, honest, and humble nature that make him such an asset to the entire audio industry. It is great to see someone offering not only advice but real experience on this level. There are few with experience like his and the knowledge that comes from that experience is a rare gift. Thanks for sharing so freely with us Asawendo Hotmail and please continue to encourage others the way you have encouraged me.----Robert Moon

    I wouldnt be able to say something that someone else has not already written! In my opinion, i see him as a world class installer by way of his install ability, preference in equipment and attitude toward others. I am proud to have Asawendo as a contributing member on "custom audio and car pics".-----Paul Wooten

    I have never seen a more humble person with such a huge collection of the finest car & home audio equipment like Asawendo. You really are a great asset to Old School Stereo sir! Hats off to you!----Danny Caballero

    Asawendo is the man for sound quality what an inspiration..actually he is the reason why I went an changed my setup while budget friendly 100% more musical and attention to detail because of him I like my already built setup lottery more. A great friend.-----Michael D'Aurelio

    Mr Asawendo is one of fb friend that i meet last month ago....he is willing to share knowledge about audio with me and my group also... is a honor if you can meet with people like him.i want to learn about home audio with him because i am still new in home audio.----Leoss Leong

    He shares the passion that most of us have for great audio with respect to people of all walks of life and most brands as well. He sees the good in most things and conveys that with his positive status updates that not only deal with Audio, but with life in general. It is a pleasure to be connected to him through Facebook.----Eric Cole

    for the short time we have posted..Asawendo Hotmail has been a friendly outgoing guy...we have a lot in common in the Audio world...Hi End installations and Sound Quality....He has a vast knowledge and insight for Quality sound reproduction...for mobile ...and home...A very nice Guy Indeed!!!----Doug Hudson

    Asawendo is a great inspiration to high end audio ..his talent and creativeness is very impressive as in his collection of some very unique high end equipment ----Dave Schmidt

    Not much I can say that hasn't already been said. I am honored to know someone as dedicated to this hobby as Asawendo is. There hasn't been a single time that he wasn't ready with an answer, explanation, or compliment. You have an incommensurate devotion to this hobby and your character speaks for itself----Jason Douglas Rose

    Asawendo has a passion! Audio and music lover, he is one of my 'guru'!----Utanto Wibowo

    With regards to his passion for audio (our mutual connection), I wouldn't even know where to begin - all I'll say is I'll forever be in awe of his collection, and I'd be glad to have a tenth of his knowledge. Proud to be referred to as 'friend', Arswendo. May God continue to bless you and your family...---Dolfy Nizz

    I think he is the best audio collector in the world!! But very humble also...----Peter Lufrano

    All I can say is that he has an outstanding collection of very high end items, be it car audio or home audio ... some of which I'd love to get my hands on ...
    hope to meet him in person one day to discuss his collection and love for music ...-----Tamatoa Itchner

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    Thank you, Dan semua yang gentlemen yg telah berkomentar....ini merupakan penghargaan dan support besar utk saya. You all are the best!
    Music, Audio and Beyond

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    mobilnya suhu audio.....

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    Nice Inpho
    Keep Calm n Safety Driving

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    untuk saat ini di Ponorogo
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    "Dominations AMT Medalis yang tentunya penggemar audio pasti tau brand ini buatan Indonesia."

    Sya baru tahu klo dominations itu dibuat di Indonesia. Pabriknya dmn pak?... hehehe... kayaknya asik tw nya


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