[BODY REPAIR] Don't Drive Too Fast !
Scuto Laminating HD Car Care

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    [BODY REPAIR] Don't Drive Too Fast !

    List of parts :
    - Front Left Fender
    - Engine Hood
    - Front Bumper
    - Front Left head lamp
    - Front Left Corner lamp
    - Radiator
    - Kondensor
    - Power Steering
    - A/C Hose
    - Power Steering Hose
    - Brake Hose
    - Front left Tierod
    - Front left Long Tierod
    - Front left Shockabsorber
    - Front left Spring
    - Front left arm
    - Front left axie
    - and many .........

    More Pict ???

    Stay tune ....

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    bos, kalo ngebenerin baret2 ato cat nglupas di bemper gitu kena brp ya? thx

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