***WANGAN MIDNIGHT MAXIMUM TUNE 3 DX - all about & lounge~

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  • C1 area

    20 12.82%
  • New Belt Line Area

    7 4.49%
  • Wangan Line Area

    29 18.59%
  • Yokohane Area

    24 15.38%
  • Hanshin Expressway loop line

    40 25.64%
  • Hakone

    55 35.26%
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  1. #1
    Jendral Besar
    [ǝƃɐqɹɐƃ ɟo lǝuoloɔ]
    M-Store Point
    22 Hrs 46 Mins 23 Secs

    ***WANGAN MIDNIGHT MAXIMUM TUNE 3 DX - all about & lounge~

    When the Z34 has been released, the GREEN clock numbers are displayed on the title screen.
    (If not released yet, the clock display is in orange.)

  2. Hokinusa
  3. #2
    Jendral Besar
    [ǝƃɐqɹɐƃ ɟo lǝuoloɔ]
    M-Store Point
    22 Hrs 46 Mins 23 Secs

    game lama nih..
    sayah juga maen dah lama,
    n dah lama ga maen juga..
    cuman mau share2 aja yang sayah tau...
    semoga berkenan niy...

    List Of Dress Up From Level 1 To Level 46 :

    -Aero Set A
    -Rays Volk TE37
    -Watanabe Eight Spoke
    -Carbon Bonnet
    -Yokohama Super Advan Racing Ver 2
    -Enkei NT03+M
    -Rays CE28N
    -GT Wing Straight
    -Yokohama T5
    -Enkei Forged Rims
    -Aero Set B
    -Rays GTM
    -Yokohama T6
    -FRP Bonnet With Duct
    -Enkei JS+M
    -Rays Gram lights 57F
    -GT Wing 3D
    -Yokohama T7
    -Enkei RPF1
    -Sticker Racing Line
    -Yokohama Advan TCII
    -Sticker Fire Flames
    -Rays X401
    -Aero Set C
    -Watanabe Cyclone
    -Carbon Bonnet With Duct
    -Yokohama Advan RS
    -Wing By The Type Of Car
    -Enkei RS+M
    -Aero Mirror
    -Rays Versus Gabbana
    -Sticker Racing Line 2
    -Yokohama Advan RCII
    -Sticker Fire Flames 2
    -Enkei RC-T 4
    -Pacman Sticker
    -Rays GT-C
    -Namco Sticker
    -Yokohama Advan RGII
    -Sticker Brand Of Car
    -Rays Versus BL 10 SX
    -Neon Tube Green
    -Rays Texan Shotgun
    -Neon Tube Blue
    -Watanabe Stellar
    -Neon Tube Purple
    klu mau dapet dress up point nya tinggi,
    saran sayah sih main level 10, pilih yang paling ujung,
    si MIX, mobil nya aristo..
    klu ngga revenge juga boleh..

    RX-8 Type S SE3P: blue purple, mint green, orange, dark blue, light purple, dark green metallic, pink, Red metallic, gold
    RX-7 Type R FD3S: Light Blue, Mint Green, Lame Green, Pink, Wine Red, Orange, Light purple, Purple Silver, Pale Blue 2 Metallic, Pale Pink
    SAVANNA RX-7 GT-X FC3S: Pink Metallic, Yellow, Dark Orange, Pale Blue Metallic
    EUNOS COSMO Type S JCESE: Pearl Black Metallic, Coral Black Metallic, Orange Metallic, Blue Green ? Black metallic
    MAZDASPEED ATENZA GG3P: Canary yellow pearl, Orange, Dark Orange Metallic, Blue Metallic, Orange yellow metallic, Green 3, Dark Green

    LANCER Evolution IX MR GSR CT9A: Black, Yellow, Metallic Yellow, Blue, Purple, Lame Green, Dark Pink, Orange, Pale Blue
    LANCER EVOLUTION VIII MR CT9A: Yellow, Dark Orange Metallic, Dark Blue, Pale Blue 2, Light Purple, Dark Metallic Purple 2, Pink
    LANCER EVOLUTION VI CP9A: Red, Yellow, Oragne Metallic
    LANCER Evolution V CP9A: Dark Blue, Blue Metallic, Lame Green, Dark Green
    LANCER EVOLUTION III CE9A: Dark Blue, Light Blue Metallic
    GTO TWIN TURBO Z16A: Green, Yellow, Orange Metallic, Pale blue

    SKYLINE GT-R V-spec II BNR34: Blue, Yellow Metallic, Dark Orange, Pale Blue, Purple Silver Metallic, Dark Purple, Dark Pink Metallic, Wine Red, Gold, Mint Green.
    SKYLINE GT-R V-spec BCNR33: Light Blue, Dark Orange, Pale Yellow, Pink, Dark Purple, Lime Green, Pale Blue 2 Metallic
    SKYLINE GT-R BNR32: Light Blue, Yellow, Orange Metallic, Pale Blue 2 Metallic, Purple, Dark Purple, Lime Green, Pink, Wine Red Metallic, Mint Green
    FAIRLADY Z Version S Z33: Premium mystic Maroon, Blue, Pale Blue, Yellow Metallic, Dark Purple, Light Purple, Green Metallic
    FAIRLADY Z 300ZX Z32: Midnight Purple, Pink, Dark Pink
    FAIRLADY Z 300ZX Z31: Gold & Black, Yellow & Black, Orange & Black, Pale Green & Black
    FAIRLADY Z S30: Light Blue, Per blue2 metallic, Light Yellow, Dark Purple, Purple Metallic, Green, Black
    SILVIA spec-R S15: Green, Lightning Yellow, Dark Orange, Dark Blue/Green, Pink
    180SX RPS13: Midnight Purple, Yellow, Dark Blue, Pale Blue 2

    IMPREZA WRX Sti-F GDB-F: Dark Orange, Cashmere Yellow, Light Blue, Pale blue, Green Metallic
    IMPREZA WRX Sti GDB-C: Orange, Lemon Yellow, Pale Green
    IMPREZA WRX STi VersionVI GC8: Orange, Black Metallic, Dark Purple, Light Purple
    LEGACY B4 2.0GT spec.B BL5: WR Blue Mica, Champion Yellow, Light Purple Metallic, Purple Metallic, Green Metallic
    ALCYONE SVX Version L CXD: WR Blue Mica, Yellow, Dark Orange Mica, Blue Green & Gray Metallic, Pale Blue, Dark Purple, Green 2, Dark Pink & Gray Metallic
    R2 --- Topaz yellow, Astral Blue Opal, Dark Orange, Yellow

    [car] variables:

    SE3P - Raiden
    FD3S - Flying Dragon
    FC3S - Soaring Swallow
    JCESE - Shiden
    GG3P - The Genius

    CT9A - Knight
    CP9A - Charger
    CE9A - Spear holder
    Z16A - War Machine

    BNR34 - Wind
    BCNR33 - Romeo
    BNR32 - Prince
    Z33 - The blood
    Z32 - Genes
    Z31 - Soul
    S30 - Mistress
    S15 - Knight

    GDB - Comet
    GC8 - Meteor
    BL5 - Light
    CXD - Stars
    R2 - Ladybug

    JZA80 - Harbinger
    JZA70 - Bomber
    SW20 - Lightning
    JZX100 - Chaser
    UCF10 - Valiant
    NZE121 - Family vehicle
    KZH100G - Work vehicle

    [course] variables:

    C1 - C1
    New Belt Line - New Circular
    Osaka Hanshin Line - Hanshin Circular
    Yokohane - Yokohane
    Hakone - Hakone
    Metropolitan Highway - Highway

    Aura colours:

    The aura is dependent on your position on the Battle grid:
    - Cool/Wild depends on contact with walls and traffic
    - Smooth/Rough depends on your contact with battle opponents

    Even if you do not yet have an aura (<5000km mileage), the titles will be given according to your graph position. The graph position also determines which Star title you earn (see below).

    Cool + Smooth - Green
    Cool + Rough - Blue
    Wild + Smooth - Purple/Pink
    Wild + Rough - Orange


    Promotional Titles

    These titles below are only available during the designated time frame every year.
    You will need to play Stage 1 to 5 that was not played before in order to get the title. Meaning that if you have already played Stage 1 to 5, you will need to finish your current loop and start a new loop in order to get these titles. These are promotional titles and only have 70% chance of appearing.

    7/21 - 7/27 GEMBALLA
    Ultimate RR Master

    7/28 - 8/3 MAZDA
    Lonely RE Master
    Lonely Atenza Master

    8/4 - 8/10 MITSUBISHI
    Evo Series - Fastest Evo Master
    GTO Series - Fastest GTO Master

    8/11 - 8/17 NISSAN
    R Series - Legendary R Master
    Z Series - Legendary Z Master
    S15 - Legendary S15 Master
    180sx - Legendary 180SX Master

    8/18 - 8/24 SUBARU
    Legendary S15 Master (Seems to be a bug)
    R2 - Eternal light car driver

    8/25 - 8/31 TOYOTA
    Ultimate FR Master
    Ultimate MR Master
    Corolla - Ultimate Corolla Driver
    HiAce - Ultimate BOX Driver


    Story Titles

    Complete 1st loop unshaded - Undefeated Highway Dominator
    Aristo - Master Taxi
    R2 - Fastest Ladybug

    Stages 1-80:
    Complete Stage 05 - Racer Rookie
    Complete Stage 10 - Racer
    Complete Stage 15 - Real Team
    Complete Stage 20 - The [colour] [car]
    Complete Stage 30 - The chosen [car]
    Complete Stage 40 - The [colour] [car]
    Complete Stage 50 - Osaka Driver
    Complete Stage 60 - The great [car]
    Complete Stage 70 - The miracle [car]
    Complete Stage 80 - The legendary [car]

    Beyond Stage 80 ("remixed" story replay after completing game once):
    (n) = n-th time through story mode...

    Complete Stage 01(2) - Doctor
    Complete Stage 02(2) - Bomber Head
    Complete Stage 03(2) - Idol
    Complete Stage 04(2) - Hakone Rider
    Complete Stage 05(2) - Racer Rookie
    Complete Stage 06(2) - First class camera man
    Complete Stage 07(2) - Hell's Tuner
    Complete Stage 08(2) - Hammersmith
    Complete Stage 09(2) - UK Transfer
    Complete Stage 10(2) - Racer
    Complete Stage 11(2) - Car > Family
    Complete Stage 12(2) - I was a bully in the past
    Complete Stage 13(2) - Super fast
    Complete Stage 14(2) - Passenger side
    Complete Stage 15(2) - Real team
    Complete Stage 16(2) - Like a Gigolo
    Complete Stage 17(2) - Date at Odaiba
    Complete Stage 18(2) - It's Stress!
    Complete Stage 19(2) - Ultimate Combo!
    Complete Stage 20(2) - The [color] [car]
    Complete Stage 21(2) - Racing Gene
    Complete Stage 22(2) - Step on it
    Complete Stage 23(2) - Roppongi Ruler
    Complete Stage 24(2) - Good model
    Complete Stage 25(2) - High pride
    Complete Stage 26(2) - Super celsior
    Complete Stage 27(2) - Over-the-hill Runners
    Complete Stage 28(2) - Adjusting Settings
    Complete Stage 29(2) - Taking Lessons
    Complete Stage 30(2) - The chosen [car]
    Complete Stage 31(2) - Great actor
    Complete Stage 32(2) - Outerlimit
    Complete Stage 33(2) - Super jet
    Complete Stage 34(2) - R200CLUB
    Complete Stage 35(2) - Floor It
    Complete Stage 36(2) - Dandy Yamamoto speed
    Complete Stage 37(2) - Regret
    Complete Stage 38(2) - Kitami tune
    Complete Stage 39(2) - Ground Fighter
    Complete Stage 40(2) - The [color] [car]
    Complete Stage 41(2) - Go to Osaka
    Complete Stage 42(2) - Hanshin line fastest runner
    Complete Stage 43(2) - Successful Intercept
    Complete Stage 44(2) - Really 4WD
    Complete Stage 45(2) - High Motivation
    Complete Stage 46(2) - Imperial
    Complete Stage 47(2) - How come?
    Complete Stage 48(2) - Winner's side
    Complete Stage 49(2) - Enemy Lock-On
    Complete Stage 50(2) - Osaka Driver
    Complete Stage 51(2) - Drive Go Go
    Complete Stage 52(2) - No air condition
    Complete Stage 53(2) - Ace demo car
    Complete Stage 54(2) - Morning racer
    Complete Stage 55(2) - Racer of the hill
    Complete Stage 56(2) - Aristocratic bachelor
    Complete Stage 57(2) - Clutch player
    Complete Stage 58(2) - Setting mania
    Complete Stage 59(2) - FC' Phantom
    Complete Stage 60(2) - The great [car]
    Complete Stage 61(2) - FF Fan
    Complete Stage 62(2) - R Slayer
    Complete Stage 63(2) - R Special
    Complete Stage 64(2) - ACE Pride
    Complete Stage 65(2) - Exquisite balance
    Complete Stage 66(2) - Hidden capacity
    Complete Stage 67(2) - Come on!
    Complete Stage 68(2) - Mutual infatuation
    Complete Stage 69(2) - Beautiful traction
    Complete Stage 70(2) - The miracle [car]
    Complete Stage 71(2) - Reader's model
    Complete Stage 72(2) - Wangan Queen
    Complete Stage 73(2) - Rich guy
    Complete Stage 74(2) - Flying car
    Complete Stage 75(2) - Comfortable
    Complete Stage 76(2) - 1000HP
    Complete Stage 77(2) - Springtime of Life
    Complete Stage 78(2) - Behind the wall
    Complete Stage 79(2) - Can't hide the beating heart
    Complete Stage 80(2) - The legendary [car] and Undefeated Highway Dominator (if you are undefeated)

    Complete Stage 01(3) - Hunter of the Weak
    Complete Stage 02(3) - Take it easy
    Complete Stage 03(3) - Goddess of the highway
    Complete Stage 04(3) - Extra Credit Classes
    Complete Stage 05(3) - Devil's power
    Complete Stage 06(3) - Genius Camera Man
    Complete Stage 07(3) - Genius Tuner
    Complete Stage 08(3) - Princess lover
    Complete Stage 09(3) - English speaker
    Complete Stage 10(3) - Wangan's Story
    Complete Stage 11(3) -
    Complete Stage 12(3) - Goddess of the highway
    Complete Stage 13(3) - No Talent
    Complete Stage 14(3) - Can you catch up?
    Complete Stage 15(3) - Speed craze
    Complete Stage 16(3) - Truly the Fastest Machine!
    Complete Stage 17(3) - Faster than anyone
    Complete Stage 18(3) - Perfect setting
    Complete Stage 19(3) - Battle setting
    Complete Stage 20(3) - Cool runner
    Complete Stage 21(3) - Always 800 HP
    Complete Stage 22(3) - Wolf in sheep?s clothing
    Complete Stage 23(3) - Dundee
    Complete Stage 24(3) - Cute
    Complete Stage 25(3) - Next Time I?ll strike
    Complete Stage 26(3) - Fastest VIP
    Complete Stage 27(3) - Sonic delivery car
    Complete Stage 28(3) - Perfect setting
    Complete Stage 29(3) - Wangan legend
    Complete Stage 30(3) - Clever
    Complete Stage 31(3) - Stud muffin
    Complete Stage 32(3) - Accelerate!!
    Complete Stage 33(3) - Good atmosphere
    Complete Stage 34(3) - R200 leader
    Complete Stage 35(3) - Middle aged man
    Complete Stage 36(3) - Probe boost up
    Complete Stage 37(3) - Jealousy
    Complete Stage 38(3) - Turbo is boost
    Complete Stage 39(3) - Truly the Fastest Machine!
    Complete Stage 40(3) - Pro tuner
    Complete Stage 41(3) - 200km h Cruiser
    Complete Stage 42(3) - Naniwa soul
    Complete Stage 43(3) - Hanshin Circular greatest
    Complete Stage 44(3) - Weighted traction
    Complete Stage 45(3) - Greatest sound
    Complete Stage 46(3) - Very good !
    Complete Stage 47(3) - How is it??
    Complete Stage 48(3) - RGO seller
    Complete Stage 49(3) - Enemy Lock-On
    Complete Stage 50(3) - Expert
    Complete Stage 51(3) - FC's Zero
    Complete Stage 52(3) - Big mouth
    Complete Stage 53(3) - Full boost
    Complete Stage 54(3) - Gotenba tuned
    Complete Stage 55(3) - The try outer
    Complete Stage 56(3) - One Night Method
    Complete Stage 57(3) - Soul's Traction
    Complete Stage 58(3) - It's up to you
    Complete Stage 59(3) - Miracle Run
    Complete Stage 60(3) - Metro Line's Fastest Driver!
    Complete Stage 61(3) - R killer
    Complete Stage 62(3) - Ready to fight
    Complete Stage 63(3) - Attractive drive
    Complete Stage 64(3) - Well done
    Complete Stage 65(3) - Purposely
    Complete Stage 66(3) - Fighter
    Complete Stage 67(3) - Danger zone
    Complete Stage 68(3) - Real feeling
    Complete Stage 69(3) - Ready to intercept
    Complete Stage 70(3) - Duel ends instantly
    Complete Stage 71(3) - Soul beating sound
    Complete Stage 72(3) - Sympathy
    Complete Stage 73(3) - I won't die
    Complete Stage 74(3) - Two sides of the same coin
    Complete Stage 75(3) - Old buddy
    Complete Stage 76(3) - Good looking
    Complete Stage 77(3) - Real traction
    Complete Stage 78(3) - Driving tension
    Complete Stage 79(3) - Hidden essence
    Complete Stage 80(3) - The Legendary [car] and You'll keep driving

    Complete Stage 80(n) - The Legendary [car]
    Complete Stage 80(3) - You'll keep driving
    Complete Stage 80(8) - This is Best
    Complete Stage 80(10) - The meaning to keep driving
    Complete Stage 80(11) - The Place for Endless Driving
    Complete Stage 80(12) - Those who have Endless Driving

    Random titles:
    Hit traffic just before crossing finish line - Causing Massive Traffic Jams

    Ordered play (do only specific levels anytime, ANY CYCLE.. no other stages must be completed in current cycle):

    Win stage 1 and lose stage 19 - We are on different levels
    Skip stages 5, 10 and 15 for the last - Skip 5 Episode
    Play stage 4 first - Love Hakone
    Skip stage 5 & 20 for the last - The After party


    10-Outrun Titles

    Clear all 8 courses - Metropolitan Fighter & Metropolitan Champ & Metropolitan Emperor


    Time Attack Titles

    Completion titles:

    - Must cross finish line after (or while) completing specific tasks
    - If challenged to battle and win, you must redo the task to earn the title

    Any course:

    Finish with ALL red flash checkpoints - The [course] [car]
    First attempt on course's TA - The [course] Trainee
    Break machine TA record - The [course] Attacker

    Any course:
    Finish with time -'--"000 - The [course] Just
    Finish with time -'--"007 - The [course] Spy
    Finish with time -'--"009 - The [course] Cyborg
    Finish with time -'--"111 - The [course] Bark Bark
    Finish with time -'--"222 - The [course] Duck
    Finish with time -'--"256 - The [course] 1 Byte
    Finish with time -'--"333 - The [course] Three cards
    Finish with time -'--"444 - The [course] Quatro
    Finish with time -'--"456 - The [course] Double
    Finish with time -'--"490 - The [course] Shuju-Don
    Finish with time -'--"555 -
    Quote Originally Posted by RraditzZ View Post
    the (track) Go Go"
    Finish with time -'--"666 - The [course] Beast
    Finish with time -'--"728 - The [course] Naniwa
    Finish with time -'--"765 - The [course] NAMCO
    Finish with time -'--"777 - The [course] Big Hit!
    Finish with time -'--"888 - The [course] Divergent
    Finish with time -'--"999 - The [course] Galaxy Express

    Hakone Outbound:
    Finish with time -'--"009 - Wangan Beginner
    Finish with time -'--"111 - Devil Z

    Hakone Inbound:
    Finish with time -'--"666 - Emperor of Hakone?

    Retire titles:

    - Enable retire mode in your options menu (after inserting card) and retire any course by driving against the traffic for 3 seconds.
    - Retiring in Story Mode counts as a loss, and will shade your card icons accordingly, a no-no for anyone wanting the Midnight R sountrack and the "Undefeated Highway Dominator" title. Retiring (or losing) in any other mode does not shade your card. But then again, you can't retire in a battle.
    - Unconfirmed titles are listed here under their known courses, but without their known "kms remaining" stopping point.

    C1 Inbound (13.7KM)
    8.xkm remaining at the bridge
    Night: Collecting old books

    9.1km remaining at red turn.
    Day: Burning Electric City
    Night: Maid Cafe

    C1 Outbound (13.8KM)
    8.3km remaining
    Night: Exploding run in Kanetsudo

    8.8km remaining
    Night: Seeing Cherry blossoms

    New Belt Line Counter Clock-Wise (17.4KM)

    New Belt Line Clock-Wise (22.8KM)
    4.2km remaining
    Night: Avoid Urayasu

    Wangan Line (EastBound) (22.2KM)
    14.5km remaining
    Day: Avoid Kisarazu

    Wangan Line (WestBound) (22.4KM)

    Yokohane Line (Upwards) (14.8KM)

    Yokohane Line (Downwards) (14.4KM)

    Hakone Outbound (8.4KM)

    Hakone Inbound (8.3KM)

    Metropolitan Highway (Wangan Area) (59.7Km)

    Metropolitan Highway (Kanagawa Area) (39.4Km)


    Ghost Battle Mode

    These titles are earned only when you play in Ghost Battle Mode.

    Defeat top ghost of course - [course] Warrior
    Gain all 6 crowns in the same machine - Fastest In the Metro Highway
    First win against ghost - Revenger
    Play same course 10 times - Love This Place
    Play with the same ghost 7 times - Lalabi Lalabi with
    Play with the same ghost 14 times - Shooting Striker
    Win with advantage +1m - First Win

    Dress-Up Titles:

    Earn enough dress-up points and get these titles.

    Level 5 - Show Off
    Level 10 - Nice Looking
    Level 15 - Dress Up Machine
    Level 20 - Good Atmosphere
    Level 25 - Cool Car
    Level 30 - My Lovable Car
    Level 35 - Nice Body
    Level 40 - Nice Atmosphere
    Level 45 - Wild Taste
    Level 46 - The Best Looking Car
    Level 50 - Appearance is also important
    Level 100 - Appearance is important
    Level 150 - Appearance is Everything
    Quote Originally Posted by RraditzZ View Post
    level 200 = custom car
    level 250 = golden rule of appearance
    level 300 = make up battle make up

    Battle Titles

    The Battle Titles seem to follow your total stars earned, NOT total wins or outruns. ONLY 1st placing will earn you a win. Obtaining 2nd placing in a 4-player battle will earn 2 stars (and 2 outruns), but it is not considered as a win.

    Colour titles:

    To get these titles, you must play against the opponent with the same car colour as your own car. Winner of the battle will be offered with the title.
    Black - Black Devil
    White - White Magician
    Yellow - Yellow Bird
    Silver - Silver Arrow
    Red - Red Emperor
    Blue - Blue King

    Win without opponent hitting or over taking you - Fend Off Maniacs
    Winner of 4 unshaded cars - Unbreakable King
    Winner of 4 of the same car model - [model] King
    Winner of 4 Subarus - Boxer 4 (GC8, GDB-C, GDB-F, Legacy B4, R2)
    Winner of 4 Fairlady Zs - Z-History (S30, Z31, Z32, Z33)
    Winner of 4 Imprezas - Ultimate Impreza (GC8, GDB-C, GDB-F)
    Winner of 3 or more using Straight-6 engine - Number 6 Championship (Supra series, Chaser, Aristo, GTR series, S30)
    Winner of 4 GT-Rs - The World Greatest GTR (R32, R33, R34)
    Winner of 4 Evos - Lancer Evolution Master (All Mitsubishi Evos)

    Consistently flash lights - The Passing Guy
    Consistently ram opponent(s), traffic, walls - Destroyer

    10 consecutive wins (no continues) -
    20 consecutive wins (no continues) -
    30 consecutive wins (no continues) -
    Win race vs. opponent w/ 9 consecutive wins -
    Win race vs. opponent w/ 19 consecutive wins -

    Star titles are given for every multiple of 10 stars earned.

    - Star titles are dependant on your Cool/Wild status. There are none confirmed for your Smooth/Rough status. (See "Aura Colours" above)
    - After obtaining 2000 stars, you LOSE a star for last-place finish (until hitting 2000 again) in 3-way battle and two stars for a last-place finish in a 4-way battle.
    - Stars MAX OUT at 9999, but outruns rise forever (no limit reached yet)
    - You can re-earn a star title if you happen to hit the same milestone after losing a few stars

    1 star - First victory


    Conditional Titles

    These must be won by performing specific actions anywhere in the game.

    Titles obtained after transferring a MT2 card to MT3:

    Shaded MT2 card - Wangan Beginner
    Unshaded MT2 card - Undefeated Highway Dominator
    Unshaded Celsior - Dandy VIP
    Unshaded Fairlady Z31 - Mighty Speed
    Unshaded HiAce - The Wolf of the Station
    Unshaded Corolla - Faster Other Car

    Mileage Titles:
    42km - Full Marathorn
    2400km - Great Wall Of China
    3940km - Route 66
    6500-6600km - Amazon
    6600-6700km - The Nile
    9300km - Siberia Railway
    12762km - Earth Diameter
    40000km - Round the Earth
    100000km - Meter 1 loop
    nih buat yang gila gelar...
    gua sih "like a gigolo"
    mwahahah~ :smt003

  4. #3
    Jendral Besar
    [ǝƃɐqɹɐƃ ɟo lǝuoloɔ]
    M-Store Point
    22 Hrs 46 Mins 23 Secs
    1. You get level up every 5 stages on first 40 stages of the first cycle of story mode.
    2. From stage 41-80 you get level up every 20 stages.
    3. After finishing the story mode for the first time. You get 1 level by playing through 80 stages again.
    4. Outrun mode: You get 1 level up by having S rank on all 10 levels in a track.
    5. Ghost mode: You will get level up in first 20, 50, 100, 200, 300 and 400 win against human/computer ghosts.
    6. Battle mode: You will get level up in first 20, 50,100, 400, 1000, 2000 and 3000 stars.

    Skyline GT-R (BNR32)
    4WD, 5-speed, good acceleration for 5-gear car, easy to drive

    Skyline GT-R Vspec (BCNR33)
    4WD, 5-speed, Has high top speed, heavy, poor acceleration

    Skyline GT-R VspecII (BNR34)
    4WD, 6-speed, has high top speed(can't compare with R33), fairly easy to drive, quite big sized, fast acceleration.

    Datsun 240Z (S30) *note: This was the S30Z's original name, not Fairlady Z.
    FR, 5-speed, fast acceleration, small size, good for anti-slam

    Fairlady 300ZX (Z31)
    FR, 5-speed

    Fairlady 300ZX (Z32)
    FR, 5-speed, has high top speed

    Fairlady Z / 350Z (Z33)
    FR, 6-speed, has high top speed

    Silvia Spec.R (S15)
    FR, 6-speed

    180SX (RPS13)
    FR, 6-speed


    Supra RZ (JZA80)
    FR, 6-speed, has high top speed, heavy

    Supra Mk.II (JZA70)
    FR, 5-speed

    MR2 GT-S (SW20)
    MR, 5-speed

    Chaser Tourer-V (JZX100)
    FR, 5-speed

    Celsior (UCF10)
    FR, 4-speed

    Aristo / Aristo Taxi (JZS161)
    FR, 4-speed

    Corolla (ZZE124)
    FF, 5-speed

    Toyota Hiace (KZH100G)
    FR, 4-speed


    GTO (Z16A)
    4WD, 6-speed, has high top speed, handles more like a FR car

    Lancer Evolution III (CE9A)
    4WD, 5-speed

    Lancer Evolution V (CP9A)
    4WD, 5-speed

    Lancer Evolution VI (CP9A)
    4WD, 5-speed

    Lancer Evolution VIII (CT9A)
    4WD, 6-speed

    Lancer Evolution IX (CT9A)
    4WD, 6-speed


    Alcyone SVX (CXD)
    4WD, 4-speed, has high top speed, poor acceleration

    Legacy B4 (BL5)
    4WD, 5-speed

    Impreza WRX STi (GC8)
    4WD, 5-speed

    Impreza WRX STi (GDB-C)
    4WD, 6-speed

    Impreza WRX STi (GDB-F)
    4WD, 6-speed


    Eunos Cosmo (JCESE)
    FR, 4-speed

    Madzaspeed 6 / Mazdaspeed Atenza (GG3P)
    4WD, 6-speed, reported to have great slamming capabilities, insane acceleration.

    Mazda RX-8 (SE3P)
    FR, 6-speed

    Mazda RX-7 Type.R (FD3S)
    FR, 5-speed

    Mazda RX-7 GT-X (FC3S)
    FR, 5-speed

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    3 Wks 4 Days 8 Hrs 59 Mins 41 Secs
    mantap om!!!

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    ID Ini Dicurigai Melakukan Penipuan di http://modifika.si/586663
    M-Store Point
    5 Days 4 Hrs 39 Mins 17 Secs
    title ghost battle :
    level 200 = custom car
    level 250 = golden rule of appearance
    level 300 = make up battle make up

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    [ǝƃɐqɹɐƃ ɟo lǝuoloɔ]
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    22 Hrs 46 Mins 23 Secs
    Quote Originally Posted by jekjon View Post
    mantap om!!!

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    [ǝƃɐqɹɐƃ ɟo lǝuoloɔ]
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    Quote Originally Posted by RraditzZ View Post
    title ghost battle :
    level 200 = custom car
    level 250 = golden rule of appearance
    level 300 = make up battle make up
    thanks um..
    bsok di update lagi..
    dah pagi nih..

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    ID Ini Dicurigai Melakukan Penipuan di http://modifika.si/586663
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    5 Days 4 Hrs 39 Mins 17 Secs
    finish time with x'xx"555 dapet title "the (track) Go Go"

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    [ǝƃɐqɹɐƃ ɟo lǝuoloɔ]
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    eh kayanya itu dress up tittle deh bukan ghost..

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    [ǝƃɐqɹɐƃ ɟo lǝuoloɔ]
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    22 Hrs 46 Mins 23 Secs
    Quote Originally Posted by RraditzZ View Post
    finish time with x'xx"555 dapet title "the (track) Go Go"
    thanks um..


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