Milestones in Tymphany History
1926 Peerless founded in Denmark
1933 Vifa founded in Denmark
1970 ScanSpeak founded in Denmark
1973 ScanSpeak Symmetric Drive (SD) patented
1987 Vifa receives the SAS Export Award
1992 ScanSpeak next generation Symmetric Drive (SD-1) patented
1994 Vifa non resonant suspension coupling (NRSC or Pentacone) patented
1995 Peerless 3 and 5 layer sandwich cone developed
1998 Peerless Nomex cone developed
1999 Vifa XT Tweeter patented, the first Tweeter to comply with Super Audio Standard
2000 Danish Sound Technology (DST) formed by merging Peerless and Vifa/ScanSpeak
2000 Manufacturing facility established in PanYu, China
2002 Tymphany Corporation established
2003 Manufacturing sites in Denmark and China ISO certified (ISO 9001:2000)
2003 Independent company Vifa International A/S spun off to market home audio products
2003 DST receives Denmark's prestigious "Børsen Gazelle Award" for business growth
2004 Tymphany LAT launched
2005 Tymphany and DST merge
2006 Peerless and Vifa product brands merge under the Peerless brand; Vifa products become the Peerless v-line
2006 Tymphany announces its first two products based on the revolutionary Tymphany LAT technology

(ALPINE plt-700)
Smashing the Subwoofer Mold
Tymphany Linear Array Transducers (LAT) provide the power and bass experience of larger conventional woofers in an innovative slim design, making it possible to squeeze great sound into small packages. Tymphany has delivered its first products based on the LAT technology, and Alpine Electronics is bringing two products to market as one of our first large-scale customers.