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amplifier merk mosfet
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Top quality car stereo amplifier.
The amplifier will turn listening to music into a new and exciting experience for you.
Optimized circuit design accounts for the brilliant and dynamic hi-fi sound reproduction you will get from this high performance amplifier.
Total power (14.4V @ 1KHz): 4-ch.
Cahnnels: 4/3/2 channel.
RMS power (4 Ohm): 4*60 watt.
RMS power (2 Ohm): 4*84 watt.
RMS power bridged (4 Ohm): 2*170 watt.
Frequency response: 20Hz-20KHz.
Signal to noise ratio: >95dB.
Separation @ 1KHz: >62dB.
THD: <0.05%.
Input semsitivity: 300mV-3V.
Low pass filter: 50-550Hz/12dB.
High pass filter: 50-550Hz/12dB.
Bass boost: 45Hz/0-18dB.
Idle current: 1A.
Fuse rating: ATC30A*2.