Kihurani brought us his Evo VIII for a Rally America Super Production class build. The car was stripped and a full cage was fabricated. In SP Class, only the engine management and exhaust can be modified. A 34mm restrictor has to be installed which requires machining of the compressor housing. A Vipec V44 ECU was installed and Bill fabricated a Group A type exhaust with double slip fit connections, a 100 cell catylist and a small resonator.

A few weeks ago we completed a three week stint on Kihuraniís Evolution VIII. Kih had come all the way from PA with the car for us to do the build. Weíve broken the project into parts with the end result being an SP rally car. the first round was installing a cage that would be legal for Rally America and also SCCA hillclimbing. We also installed seats, a 34mm restrictor on the turbo, Bill built a custom double slip fit exhaust with spring clamps and a 100cell cat. Matt tuned the new Vipec ECU and set it up with Antilag, and we did some other small maintenance on the car prior to Duryea Hillclimb which was to be the carís first shakedown event.