User Definable load and RPM sites.
-Instead of being stuck with pre-defined increments for rpm and load cell spacing, you can define the points however you like. These points can even be changed in realtime... eg, I wanted an RPM column at exactly the rpm my car cruises at 100kph and 110kph in 6th gear, so I simply right clicked the rpm axis in the fuel table and added a column for each, which were added dynamically and automatically populated with interpolated values from adjacent cells. This allowed me to get exactly the AFR I wanted when cruising without requiring an interpolated value from two or more other cells. You can't do this easily with the powerfc, it's quite a pain in the ***** actually in comparison.
-Say you want finer control of fuel/timing/vvt intake angle at your pre-defined lift engagement point... You can simply add more load/rpm sites to any of the maps which enables to you tune a perfect lift engagement for smooth power.

Direct USB connection to notebook for tuning/pc datalogging, Virtual Dash on carpc etc
-Simply plug your notebook in and away you go... with the powerfc you need an FC-Datalogit if you want laptop connectivity or datalogging functionality. FC Datalogit is $375US delivered.

Multitude of user-configurable inputs/outputs
-Would you like a completely configurable shift/warning light? Simply configure one of the vipec auxillary outputs to trigger a shift/warning lamp of your choice
-Same goes if you want to run NOS/Water injection etc, the vipec can control these too without issue
-You can also add a toggle switch to any of the digital inputs which can then be used to switch between fuel/ignition/vvt/boost maps, say you want to have your car tuned for race fuel for the track, you can use the toggle switch to change between maps. With the powerfc you need to connect a notebook and load the complete other map, then connect again and load your normal map back once done. In my forester I have two boost maps, a 14psi map for the Mrs where the boost comes on gradually, and a 19psi map for myself which comes on quite hard, controlled by a simple switch.
-In Pippy's car I've setup one of the outputs to operate a MAC solenoid which provides him with gear-based boost control... lower boost in 1st and 2nd gear and then higher boost in 3rd etc once it's rolling and has enough traction, another of the outputs is setup to control his water/meth injection. Cant do this with a powerfc
-also has some nice ricer features like tach and speedo sweep at key-on :p

Autotune of fuel map/s
-You can interface a wideband o2 sensor directly with the ECU and take advantage of the autotune functionality to quickly dial in your fuel maps to your pre-defined target AFR map. eg PowerFC doesn't have this

Closed Loop Fuel Control from wideband controller
-Vipecs can do closed loop fuel control using your target AFR table with a wideband o2 controller, this works very well and is very handy for keeping your AFR's exactly where you want them where ever you want in the map (User definable limits and correction values for safety). PowerFC doesn't have this

Onboard Datalogging
-The vipecs have onboard datalogging to flash memory, if you track your car this is quite usefull as you can configure the start/stop parameters of the logging or even use one of the digital inputs and a switch to manually trigger the logging. PowerFC doesn't have this

Launch control
-Want the best possible lauches at the drags? The vipecs have launch control which has a bunch of options to enable you to get off the line quickly

Direct interface to race clusters (AIM MXL, Motec ADL etc)

Ability to change to a MAP sensor instead of the MAF.
- If you dont want your MAF, you can easily change to a MAP sensor, the V44 has a built in map sensor or can use an external sensor, V88 has no internal map sensor. This is also handy if you want to do something different like running quad throttles with open trumpets Cant do this with a PFC

Drive-by-wire support
-If you've got a DBW facelift ZZE122 or DBW celica, you can use a Vipec V88 and completely remove the original ECU, this allows you to program the throttle response exactly how you want it. PowerFC doesn't have a chance of running DBW. The Rotrex'd Elise on the Aussielise forum is an example of a DBW 1zz running on a V88 Vipec.

Compatible with multiple engines
-When the time comes to upgrade your car to something better, you can remove the vipec, install the factory ECU and use the Vipec on your new motor (eg, if you upgrade to an Evo, 200SX etc etc from your corolla/celica, the vipec can run the new motor just fine). You can't do this with vehicle-specific powerfc's.

ViPEC Autotune Demonstrated by Lightspeed Innovations

Vipec QuickTune

Autotuning the base fuel map at cruise/idle

alcoolaid's 07 STI - Rotational/Cyclic Idle w/ Vi-Pec V88 ECU

VIPEC ECU Escort Cosworth ALS

Guilt-Toy Tuning his RB30DET with Vipec V44 plugin for the first time using Quick Tune

Volvo T4 300hp tacho sweep