Pioneer DEH-7250SD
Scuto Laminating HD Car Care

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    Brigadir Jendral
    M-Store Point
    4 Hrs 54 Mins 34 Secs

    Pioneer DEH-7250SD

    Guys, mo jual Headunit Pioneer DEH-7250sd

    mulusssssss bgttttttttzzzzzzzzz. garansi resmi adab alam pioneer.
    pembelian 5 Maret 2010.

    kondisi liat aja di foto mulus bgtttt
    perlengkapan LENGKAP !

    saya jual 1.450.000 NEGO aja

    ongkir saya yang tanggung.

    minat ? 087846862899


    It doesn’t matter whether you store your music on an iPod/iPhone, CD, USB device, SD card or one of the many branded portable MP3 players, because these can all be seamlessly connected to the new Pioneer DEH-7250SD, an in-car jukebox that can handle your musical requests.

    Continually expanding the media connectivity on its CD tuners, Pioneer’s DEH-7250SD celebrates the inclusion of a a discreetly hidden SD Card Slot, which acts as a built-in Hard Disc Drive (HDD) via SD card.

    All your favourite MP3, WMA, WAV and AAC files can be stored onto an SD card and played on the DEH-7250SD, serving as a musical HDD, which can be removed and updated at the users convenience.

    Whether you’re listening to music via a USB device or SD/SDHC memory card inserted into the DEH-7250SD CD tuner, trying to find your favourite album, artist or song is now an easy, instant task thanks to Pioneer’s Music Browser.

    Music Browser function automatically reads the music from your SD/SDHC memory card or USB device and lists your tunes alphabetically, using audio tag information, by Artist, Album, Song or Genre.

    The DEH-7250SD comes with a flap-type front panel that flips open at the touch of a button to reveal the CD and SD slots, and flips back once a format is inserted to maintain a smooth, clean dashboard look.

    Stepping-up from the DEH-5250SD, extra features on the DEH-7250SD include:
    • Music Browser Function
    • Flip-down face (manual)

    SD Card Playback
    Take your entire music collection on the road using just one SD card. With an SD card slot hidden behind the front panel, the DEH-7250SD is compatible with both SD and SDHC cards and will playback MP3, WMA, WAV and AAC files from these cards.

    Filled with your favourite tunes, the SD card is becomes your musical HDD when inserted into the DEH-7250SD. Unlike most products with a HDD, the SD card can be removed at any time.

    iPod / iPhone
    The DEH-7250SD is designed as the most dynamic solution to connect and improve playback performance for an iPod and iPhone. With iPod Direct Control, consumers can connect their iPod straight to the tuner’s front USB terminal and take charge of their music from behind the wheel.As a handy extra, the iPod/iPhone will charge while connected.

    Front USB Connection
    Take your favourite MP3 and WMA files for a ride. The DEH-7250SD has a front high-speed 2.0 USB (direct) interface to connect a portable digital player, such as an iPod or iPhone, as well as a USB memory device or other USB-compatible gear, so you can play in your car whatever you have recorded via PC. It's fast and easy. No adapters required.

    Front Aux-In Connection
    The music connectivity extends beyond USB. Hook up your portable digital devices with ease. Each new Pioneer head unit has a built-in AUX input on the front panel so you can connect your iPod, MP3 player and other portable music devices.

    Music Browser
    With so many selections filling your SD/SDHC memory card or USB device, Pioneer’s Music Browser makes it easy to find the song/artists/album you want in an instant. With a conventional system, files are not displayed alphabetically, making it difficult to search. However, Pioneer’s Music Browser function automatically lists your tunes alphabetically, using audio tag information, by Artist, Album, Song or Genre.

    Full-dot Blue OEL display
    To make searching and selecting tracks from various sources more convenient, the DEH-7250SD utilises a Full-dot Blue OEL Display that shows three lines of information. OEL technology also allows for wide viewing angles, active 3D visuals and high contrast and brightness, even in sunlight.

    High Voltage Pre-outs
    With 3 hi-volt RCA pre-outs, the DEH-7250SD is the perfect hub on which to expand your in-car audio system. You can connect up to 3 amplifiers: the high-volt pre-outs reduce demands on the input circuit of the amplifiers so they can work with lower gain settings.

    24-bit Delta Sigma D/A converter
    High powered, serious audio performance is not forgotten, either. The unit integrates a 24-bit Delta Sigma D/A converter along with our ASR (Advanced Sound Retriever) technology, which ensures that what you hear is optimised to replay as true to the original as possible.

    Advanced Sound Retriever
    Hear the glory of original sound across a deeper, wider spectrum from highly compressed MP3 and WMA files stored on a USB memory device. By compensating for data (especially higher frequencies) that tend to get lost in the digital compression process, Pioneer's Advanced Sound Retriever technology enhances audio reproduction nearly all the way up to 20kHz frequencies.

    Built in 50W x 4 Channel High-Power MOSFET Amplifier
    To minimize voltage loss in its head unit amplifiers, Pioneer built-in high-performance Power MOSFET integrated circuitry into all its head units. The MOSFET amplifier processes signals more efficiently at 50W x 4 maximum total output. This reduces distortion to virtually nothing at high frequency ranges giving you great clear sound.

    High Pass Filter / Low Pass Filter Crossover
    The unit ensures subwoofer control is very convenient with an on-board low pass and high pass filter. When the subwoofer is connected and you do not want low sound to play from the front or rear speakers, turn the high pass filter on. Only frequencies higher than those in the selected range will be output from the front or rear speakers.When you activate the Low Pass Filter, only those frequencies below a specified frequency are output through a specified speaker.

    5 Band EQ EEQ – Easy Equalizer
    The audio can even be tuned to one’s personal taste through the 5-band Graphic Equaliser (GEQ). It allows the user to adjust five separate frequency bands to set equalisation levels to perfectly match the acoustics of the car. For ease of use, the 5-band GEQ has seven preset equaliser curves, which can be recalled at any time.

    Detachable Face Security
    All our entry-level head units have a detachable face that you can hide away or take with you when you park.

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    Brigadir Jendral
    M-Store Point
    4 Hrs 54 Mins 34 Secs
    SOLD to bro yongky

    thanks pada semua yang udah sms/telp


GT Radial NGK Busi

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