Vi-pec v88 Ukrainian drag EVO
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    Kopral Satu
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    Vi-pec v88 Ukrainian drag EVO

    .For one of our clients we have installed a Vi-pec v88 instead AEM EMS. Below the results from the dyno. At the same boost of 1.3-bar, same AFR and same ignition timing.

    And I have some questions to Ray. Can I add more parameters to the ECU internal data logger? I get to activate the PC logger by button F8 only when I'm on page Logger, if I'm on page Fuel and tune the fuel map by pressing F8 I see in bootom of page PC log = running, but the log is not written, I tried to do this on two laptops . It should be like this?
    A few days later we will tune the car at a 3 bars of boost and October 23 we will try it to the track. Before this car did ET8.854@263 km/h and now we want improve the time. Stay tuned.

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