Boston Acoustics ProSeries 12.5LF Car Subwoofer Driver muluuus, lgkp dus....

When Boston Acoustics was testing the prototypes for the ProSeries subs, they actually handled more power than the company's most powerful test amps could dish out. In fact, one amp gave out before the Pro Subs ever broke a sweat (may it rest in peace). How did Boston Acoustics accomplish that? Pure engineering. Pro Subs handle a lot of power, because Boston Acoustics has worked out new, innovative ways to keep them cool. Like using die-cast aluminum baskets that act as massive heat sinks. Or by employing a pretty sophisticated (and patented) venting technology called RadialVent Cooling.

Then it engineered ProSeries to deliver in the SPL department. High mass cones and pliant surrounds deliver lots of incredible, tight bass even at high volumes. And a double-stacked magnet motor assembly concentrates energy where it can do the most good. Finally, it optimized ProSeries subs incredible output from small enclosures, so you can put more subs in an equal amount of space. The result: the cleanest, loudest sub you'll hear in your lifetime.