Uniden GPS Road Safety Warning System

•Navigate to a Suburb - the unit has 5000 preprogrammed Australian and New Zealand cities and suburbs and a built in electronic compass which allows the user to select the destination from the menu and a directional arrow on the screen will navigate to the suburb.
•Navigate to Marked location - you can program up to 500 points of interest.
•Fixed Speed Camera Warning
•Red Light Camera Warning
•Black Spot Warning
•As the user approaches these locations, the unit will alert the driver through a three stage visual and audible warning system. The warnings occur approximately 800 metres, 400 metres, and 160 metres.
•Speed Alert Warning
•Trip Computer - uses the LCD display to advise distance to destination, average speed, maximum speed and current speed
•Included GPS Receiver, 240v plugpack, serial cable, suction mount for the windscreen, cigarette lighter.

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