BMW E34 Indonesia
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    Kopral Kepala
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    Post BMW E34 Indonesia

    Tentang thread ini
    Thread ini diharapkan bisa jadi pedoman paling utama untuk pengguna BMW E34 di Indonesia. Thread ini berisi informasi tentang semua seluk-beluk BMW E34. Diharapkan dengan thread khusus BMW E34 ini seluruh E34ERS bisa berkumpul bersama dan saling berbagi informasi kepada user lainnya.

    Quick links:
    Gambar-gambar (acuan) ubahan eksterior:
    Halaman 6

    Gambar-gambar (acuan) ubahan interior:
    Halaman 7

    The Exterior Colors of BMW E34
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    E34ERS, E34 Maniac!
    Halaman 10

    BMW E34 Maintenance Schedule and Checklist
    Halaman 28

    Cleaning ICV

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    Kopral Kepala
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    Post Sekilas tentang BMW E34

    BMW E34
    BMW E34 adalah versi dari kendaraan MW Seri 5 yang dibuat mulai Februari 1988 sampai 1995. Untuk model Touring produksi terakhir Juni 1996. E34 hadir menggantikan generasi sebelumnya BMW Serie 5 E28 dan kemudian digantikan juga oleh generasi berikutnya BMW Serie 5 E39 pada tahun 1996.

    Khusus di pasar Amerika Utara, BMW Serie 5 E34 menggantikan BMW Seri 5 E28 pada bulan Mei 1989 dengan dua model. BMW 525i yang menggunakan mesin BMW M20 dan BMW 535i yang menggunakan mesin M30 yang lebih besar. Kendaraan ini merupakan perpaduan dari tradisi konservatif BMW dengan mesin/teknologi yang modern. BMW menggunakan Layout pengerak belakang (FR) tradisional mereka dan mesin 6 silinder segaris. Menyajikan kehalusan mesin dan distribusi berat yg merata optimal sesuai harapan kustomer.

    BMW E34 juga memiliki bodi yang leboh kokoh dan lebih streamline dibanding generasi sebelumnya. Tampangnya terlihat memiliki banyak kemiripan dengan BMW Serie 7 E32.

    The E34 was among the most reliable luxury cars on the market, earning the best-in-class ratings from Intellichoice in 1991, and still considered one of the most reliable BMWs ever made.[2] It was also one of the safest cars on the road during its production, providing airbags, 4-wheel anti-lock brakes, and a very rigid body structure to protect occupants in the event of an accident.[2] The E34's 60-0 mph (97 to 0 km/h) stopping distance of 130 feet (40 m) was the best of any production sedan in 1990.[citation needed] It was also equipped with automatic stability control (ASC) or traction control (ASC+T) in later years on higher-specification variants.[3]

    A few enhancements to the body's cosmetics and functionality, as well as a slew of engine and transmission evolutions, have appeared throughout its years of production. Among those, BMW's VANOS variable valve timing technology made its first appearance in the M50 2.5L engines built in September 1992 and later.

    E34 models
    * 518i (19891994) M40B18 Engine, 53,254 built[4] (all versions)
    * 518i (19941996) M43B18
    * 520i (19871990) M20B20, 427,122 built (all versions)
    * 520i ECE (19871990) M20B20 (higher compression than 520i non ECE)
    * 520i (19901993) M50B20
    * 520i (19931996) M50TUB20
    * 525i (19871990) M20B25, 434,567 built (all versions)
    * 525i (19901993) M50B25
    * 525i (19931996) M50TUB25
    * 525iX (19911996) M50B25 (four-wheel drive version), 9,366 built
    * 524td (19871991) M21D24, 70,901 built
    * 525td (19931996) M51D25UL, 19,334 built
    * 525tds (19911996) M51D25OL, 122,401 built
    * 530i (19871990) M30B30, 20,279 built
    * 530i (19921996) M60B30, 37,292 built
    * 535i (19871993) M30B35, 99,861 built
    * 540i (19921996) M60B40, 26,483 built
    * M5 (19881995) S38B36, S38B38, 12,254 built
    * 518g (19951996) CNG Engine (Touring body only), 298 built

    While Europe was given a large selection of engine choices and combinations, the North American market was more limited. While North America received only the 525i, 525i Touring, 535i, 530i, 530i Touring, 540i, and the M5, the European market also got the E34 518i, 520i, 6-cylinder 530i, diesel 525td/s, 525iX, M5 touring and 540i Touring. The cars were also available earlier in Europe than in America.


    The 525i was built throughout the E34 production, and in 1992 was offered as a wagon (touring version) in the USA. In June 1990 (1991MY), the engine was switched from the single overhead cam M20 engine to the double overhead cam M50B25 engine, raising power from 167 to 189 horsepower (141 kW). Also, fuel economy by ten percent, and a change from a timing belt to a timing chain improved reliability. A further revision of the 525i engine took place in 1993, when VANOS was added to the M50 engine which was designated the M50TU. The TU represents a Technical Update, reflecting the variable valve timing technology (VANOS) added to the intake camshaft. VANOS brought no horsepower increase, but flattened the torque curve from about 3,000 rpm up to redline at approximately 6,300 rpm.

    The 525iX was the only four-wheel drive version in the E34 series. It was available both as a sedan and a wagon (touring version). It features a computer-controlled rear and middle differentials. The middle differential normally would divide 36% torque to the front axle and 64% to the rear axle, but could alter the ratio according to driving conditions (in case one of the axles started to slip).


    The six cylinder E34 530i was available in Europe starting in 1988 but it never arrived in North America. It had a M30B30 3.0 liter inline-6 engine producing 185 bhp (138 kW). This European version of the 530i was discontinued in 1990. The eight cylinder 530i model was introduced to North America in 1992. Replacing the 535i, it had the new M60, 32 valve DOHC 3.0 liter V8 engine producing 218 bhp (163 kW). It was also offered in a touring version..


    The E34 535i was introduced in Europe as a 1988 model but was not available in North America until 1989. Production of the E34 535i and its engine ended in 1993, replaced by the V8 530i and 540i models. Despite the 535i designation, the M30 engine found in the E34 535i was actually 3430cc (3.4 liters). The car can get 1417 miles per U.S. gallon (17 to 14 L/100 km) city and 20-23 mpg (U.S.) highway. A rare 535is model was available in some markets (not North America). It featured a limited-slip differential and sport trim. In North America a limited slip differential was available, together with heated front seats, as an optional winter package.


    In 1993 BMW added a 4.0 liter V8 to the 5 Series lineup. It was available in both sedan and touring models (the latter not in US). Its large, torquey engine, upgraded brakes, and rare optional 6-speed transmission (offered in 1995 in North America, and from 1993 to 1996 in Europe) made it very competitive in the sports sedan market. Only 3203 examples of the 540i 6spd were produced, in the following versions;

    HE51 LHD European Limousine; 797 Examples HE52 RHD European Limousine; 249 Examples HE53 LHD North American Limousine; 1524 Examples HK31 LHD European Touring; 499 Examples HK32 RHD European Touring; 62 Examples HE98 RHD South African Limousine; 72 Examples

    The HE98 was made in Rosslyn South Africa for the local market.

    Both the E34 BMW 530i and 540i shared the M60 engine, which used Nikasil bore linings. In America and the United Kingdom this made both susceptible to premature engine wear, as high sulphur content in petrol in those markets resulted in deterioration of the linings. BMW then introduced an Alusil version of this engine, which solved the problem. E34's with Nikasil engine blocks still exist on the used market and potential buyers should check the engine block codes below to make sure that a prospective E34 has been replaced with an Alusil block.

    E34 M60 Nikasil/Alusil Engine Codes M60B30 (530):

    * 1 725 970 - Nikasil
    * 1 741 212 - Nikasil
    * 1 745 871 - Alusil

    M60B40 (540):

    * 1 725 963 - Nikasil
    * 1 742 998 - Nikasil
    * 1 745 872 - Alusil

    These numbers are stamped into the engine block, and are visible from under the vehicle.

    540i M-Sport

    A rare 540i M-Sport model was built in 1995. This package included not just a firmer suspension and sport seats, but used many parts from the M5, save for the engine and transmission. 204 "Sport" models were built, 139 of them with a 6-speed manual. Canada also got a special version the M540i, which was similar to the American 540i Sport but had even more M5 parts, such as 345 mm floating front rotors, 18 inch M-Parallel wheels, and various trim pieces. Only 32 of these cars were built, all with a manual transmission. Australia was the final market that received one of the M5 enhanced 1995 540i 6 speeds. 70 '540i Manual Limited Edition's' were produced, all manual and all individually numbered. They all came with full M5 running gear and interior and the 'throwing star' M-System II wheels, but didn't have the M-tech exterior kit fitted.


    The M5 version of the E34 was produced from 1988-1995. It featured an S38 straight-6 engine, originally a 3.6 L with an output of 231 kW (314 PS; 310 hp), later upgraded to a 3.8 L producing 250 kW (340 PS; 335 hp).

    In its last two years of production, it also sported the 6-speed manual gearbox that had been given to some of the 540i E34. This gearbox then followed through to the next generation of 5 series: the E39.

    As with many M-Series cars, the body's styling was upgraded with aerodynamic and cosmetic enhancements to outline its sportier nature.

    Along with a modified suspension, the M5 was outfitted with 17 and 18-inch (460 mm) alloy wheels. Interestingly, one of these wheel models was the 17-inch (430 mm) M System wheels, which had two interchangeable fascia known as Turbine and Throwing-Stars (or T-Stars). These wheels are still highly sought and praised amongst BMW enthusiasts, and are sometimes worn without any fascia.

    * Length = 185.8 in (4.72 m)
    * Width = 68.9 in (1.75 m)
    * Wheelbase = 108.7 in (2.76 m)
    * Weight = 3484 lb/1584 kg (525i), 3670 lb/1623 kg (535i), approximately 3850 lb/1750 kg (M5)
    * Weight distribution F/R = 50%/50%
    * Trunk capacity = 16.2 ft (0.46 m)
    * Drag coefficient = between 0.32 and 0.34, depending on model


    535i with 5-speed Getrag manual transmission:
    * 0-60 mph (097 km/h) in 7.5 s
    * 1/4 mile (0.4 km) in 15.9 s
    * Top speed (computer-limited, as on non-European models): 128 mph (220 km/h)
    * Top speed (drag-limited):146 mph, 235 km/h
    * 60-0 mph (970 km/h) in 130 feet (40 m)

    525i (M50) with 5-speed Getrag manual transmission:
    * 0-60 mph (097 km/h) in 8.2 s
    * Top speed (computer-limited): 128 mph (206 km/h)
    * Top speed : 143 mph (230 km/h)

    525i (M20) with 4-speed ZF automatic transmission:
    * 0-60 mph (097 km/h) in 10.5 s

    M5 1991-1993 (USA) (S38) with 5-speed Getrag gearbox, 3.6 liter:
    * 0-60 mph (097 km/h) in 6.3 s
    * Top speed (computer-limited): 155 mph (250 km/h)

    M5 1989-1992 (Euro) (S38) with 5-speed Getrag gearbox, 3.6 liter:
    * 0-60 mph (097 km/h) in 5.9 s
    * Top speed (computer-limited): 155 mph (250 km/h)

    M5 1992-1995 (Euro) (S38) with 5-speed (1994-1995 with 6-speed)Getrag manual transmission gearbox, 3.8 liter:
    * 0-60 mph (097 km/h) in 5.6 s
    * Top speed (computer-limited): 155 mph (250 km/h)

    540i 1995 (USA) (M60) with 6-speed (1995 with 6-speed) Getrag manual transmission gearbox, 4.0 liter:
    * 0-60 mph (097 km/h) in 6.0 s
    * Top speed (computer-limited): 155 mph (250 km/h)

    540i 1993-1995 (USA) (M60) with 5-speed (1993-1995 with 5-speed) ZF Automatic transmission gearbox, 4.0 liter:
    * 0-60 mph (097 km/h) in 6.4 s
    * Top speed (computer-limited): 155 mph (250 km/h)


    European Models
    * Standard Equipment: AM/FM cassette with 6 speakers, rear defroster, dual-zone heating, programmable interval windshield wipers, driver's side airbag (after 1990), 4-wheel anti-lock brakes (after 1991), heated door locks and heated windscreen washer nozzles.

    * Standard Power Accessories: Steering, side mirrors, central locking system, including trunk and gas filler door locks.

    U.S. Models
    U.S. models feature all the standard and power equipment of the European models, plus the following.
    * Standard Equipment: Air conditioning, AM/FM Cassette with 10 speakers and external amplifier (some models pre-wired for factory CD Changer after 9/90), leather interior.

    * Standard Power Accessories: 10-way electronically adjustable front seats, 4x power windows with driver's side one-touch up, electronic one-touch sunroof.


    On-board computer (standard on 535i and above), trunk-mounted 6-disc CD changer, cruise control, fully automatic dual-zone air conditioning, heated seats, seat and mirror memory, lordosis support in seats, heated headlight washers, Servotronic power steering, sport suspension upgrade, passenger airbag, Automatic Stability Control (ASC, also ASC+T with traction control), keyless entry system with deadbolt, curtains in rear window and rear side windows, leather interior, arm rests on front seats, ski bag integrated into rear seat bank, light package with focused reading lights front and rear, refrigerator built into rear seat back, wood panels on center console, glove compartment and door panels, fold-down rear seat bank.

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    Kopral Kepala
    Kediri, Jatim
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    1 Day 20 Hrs 53 Mins 23 Secs

    BMW E34 Enjin


    BMW E34 518i
    M40B18 I4
    The M40B18 is a 1.8 L (1796cc) version of the M40 producing 115 hp (86 kW) of mechanical power and 122 ftlbf (165 Nm). of torque. Like the M40B16, it also uses Bosch M1.3 fuel injection.

    * 1987–1995 E30 318i
    * 1988–1994 E34 518i
    * 1992–1993 E36 318i

    M43B18 I4
    The M43B18 was a 1.8 L (1796cc) version. It produced 85 kW (115 hp) and 168 Nm (124 ftlbf) with Bosch M1.7.1 fuel injection.

    * 1992-1995 E36 318i
    * 1994-1996 E34 518i
    * 1995-2001 E36 Z3 1.8

    BMW E34 520i
    M20B20 I6
    The M20B20 is a 2.0 L M20 engine. Entering production in March 1977 in the E12 520 and later in the E21 320/6, the engine had a bore of 80 mm (3.1 in) and a stroke of 66 mm (2.6 in). Fueling was handled by a Solex four-barrel carburetor. These early versions all used the "200" head. When the E30 debuted in 1982, the 2.0 was fitted with Bosch L-Jetronic fuel injection and the revised "731" cylinder head featuring larger intake ports. In 1984, the 2.0 was again revised with the addition of Bosch Motronic engine management and a catalytic converter. Later models also received larger valves. The 2.0 has the distinction of having the longest production run in the M20 series with the last ones rolling off the line in early 1993.

    * 1977–1981 E12 520/6
    * 1979–1983 E21 320/6
    * 1982–1984 E28 520
    * 1982–1988 E28 520i
    * 1983–1992 E30 320i
    * 1988–1990 E34 520i

    M50B20 I6
    The 2.0 L (1991 cc) M50B20 was introduced with the 1991 520i. It has an 80 mm bore and 66 mm stroke and produces 150 hp (110 kW). From the '93 model year onwards, the engine received a 'technical update' which included the addition of VANOS (VAriable NOckenwellen Steuerung), BMW's variable valve timing system, on the intake cam. The engine thereafter became known as the M50TUB20.

    * 1991-1993 E36 320i
    * 1991-1993 E34 520i

    M50TUB20 I6
    The M50TUB20 is a technologically upgraded (TU) version of the BMW M50B20, introduced in 1993. The most notable change present is the inclusion of BMW's VANOS variable cam timing system on the intake cam. Power output remains identical; however, there is a slight increase in torque at lower and medium rpms.

    * 1993-1996 E34 520i
    * 1993-1998 E36 320i

    Dengan Vanos (ada benjolan)

    BMW E34 525i
    M20B25 I6
    The German version of the M20B25 produced 170 hp (130 kW) with a catalytic converter and 171 hp (128 kW) without. It featured the newly designed "885" head featuring an open, higher-volume combustion chamber design. The new engine had an 84 mm (3.3 in) bore, and 75 mm (3 in) stroke. The redesigned pistons and combustion chambers made better power, resisted detonation better and had higher thermodynamic efficiency. It was equipped with Bosch Motronic 1.1/1.3 Adaptive fuel injection. The new 12 valve engineering gave M20B25 the name 'verschieden', meaning 'different' in German. The engine is often referred to as 'the differing one' due to the anomalous valve system. With a minor modification that adjusts the idle speed of a cold engine, the 325i fulfills Euro 2 emission requirements in Germany, resulting in a lower tax compared to Euro 1 (as of 2005).

    * 1986–1994 E30 3 Series
    * 1989–1990 E34 5 Series
    * 1988–1991 E30 Z1

    M50B25 I6
    The 2.5 L (2494 cc) M50B25 was introduced with the 1991 525i/525ix . It has an 84 mm bore and 75 mm stroke and produces 192 PS (141 kW; 189 hp) @5900 rpm and 245 Nm (181 lbft) @4700 rpm.

    * 1991-1992 E34 525i/525ix
    * 1992 E36 325i/325is

    M50TUB25 I6
    The M50TUB25 is a technologically upgraded (TU) version of the BMW M50B25, introduced in 1993. The most notable change present is the inclusion of BMW's VANOS variable cam timing system on the intake cam. Power output remains identical; however, there is a slight increase in torque at lower and medium rpms 184 vs 181.

    * 1993-1995 E34 525i/525ix
    * 1993-1996 E36 325i/325is

    BMW E34 530i
    M30B30 I6
    Introduced in 1986 with the E32, the 3.0 L (2986 cc) M30B30 produced 185 hp (138 kW). The engine continued in production until 1994.

    * 1976-1981 E12 5-series
    * 1986-1994 E32 7-Series
    * 1988-1993 E34 5-Series

    3.0 L (2986 cc) Applications:
    * 1976-1989 E24 630CS

    M60B30 V8
    The M60B30 had a bore of 84 mm (3.31 in) and a stroke of 67.6 mm (2.66 in), for a displacement of 2,997 cc (182.9 cu in). Compression ratio was 10.5:1, giving an output of 160 kW (218 PS; 215 hp) at 5800 rpm and 290 Nm (214 lbft) at 4500 rpm.

    Cars with this engine:
    * 1993-1995 E34 530i
    * 1992-1994 E32 730i
    * 1994-1996 E38 730i

    BMW E34 535i
    M30B35 I6
    * 3.4 liter (3430 cc) SOHC inline-6 cylinder
    * 9.0:1 compression ratio
    * 208 bhp / 211 PS @ 5700 rpm
    * 225 ftlbf (305 Nm) torque @ 4000 rpm
    * 87 AKI / 91 RON octane fuel or better recommended

    * 1988-1989 E24 635CSi
    * 1988-1993 E34 535i
    * 1988-1992 E32 735i

    3.5 L M90 (3453 cc) Applications:
    * 1978-1983 E24 635CSi
    * 1980-1981 E12 M535i

    BMW E34 540i
    M60B40 V8
    The M60B40 had a bore of 89 mm (3.50 in) and a stroke of 80 mm (3.15 in), for a total displacement of 3,982 cc (243.0 cu in). Compression was 10.0:1, giving 210 kW (286 PS; 282 hp) at 5800 rpm and 400 Nm (295 lbft) at 4500 rpm. It had a forged crankshaft rather than the M60B30's cast piece.

    Cars with this engine:
    * 1993-1995 E34 540i
    * 1992-1994 E32 740i
    * 1994-1996 E38 740i
    * 1992-1996 E31 840i
    * 1993-1998 De Tomaso Guar

    The M60 was the #1 engine worldwide on the Ward's 10 Best Engines list for 1995 and 1996. In 1996 the M60 was replaced with the M62 series engines.

    The Nikasil problem

    BMW used Nikasil, an aluminium, nickel, and silicon alloy, to line the cylinders of the M60 engines. The cross-hatched Nikasil linings react with the high sulfur content found in lower-quality gasoline, such as that used in parts of the United States and all gasoline used in Brazil. This reaction causes damage to the very top of the cylinder bore, where there is the most contact of the burning mixture and the cylinder lining. The damage prevents a good seal from forming between the piston and the cylinder wall, causing a loss of compression in the combustion chamber. This "leak down" will cause M60s with worn linings to exhibit a rough idle, and if the problem continues unchecked, the engine will not start.

    The only permanent fix for this problem is the replacement of the short block with the equivalent block composed of Alusil, which do not exhibit this corrosion problem. After the problem was found, BMW issued an extended six-year, 100,000-mile (160,000 km) warranty to cover these engines at no cost to the owner.

    The composition of the engine can be found by checking the serial number stamped into the engine block:

    * 1 725 970 - Nikasil
    * 1 741 212 - Nikasil
    * 1 745 871 - Alusil

    * 1 725 963 - Nikasil
    * 1 742 998 - Nikasil
    * 1 745 872 - Alusil

    BMW E34 M5
    The S38 was an updated M88/3 and produced in three versions :

    S38 B35 - US-spec BMW M5 (E28) and E24 BMW M6 and late-production catalyst-equipped European market M635CSi (260 DIN HP).

    S38 B36 - all US-spec and '89-'92 European-spec BMW M5 (E34)

    S38 B38 - '92-'96 European-spec BMW M5 (E34)

    The S38 B35 was a revision of M88/3 with dual-row timing chain, reduced compression, catalyst-equipped and fitted with tubular exhaust manifolds rather than equal length "bundle of snakes" headers.

    For the S38 B36 displacement was enlarged from 3453 to 3535 cc. Thanks to the use of a Bosch Motronic 1.2 engine management, power grew to 315 PS (232 kW/310 SAE hp) at 6900 rpm. a dual-stage intake plenum helped to improve flexibility over the rev range. All versions were catalyst-equipped.

    In 1992, with the introduction of Euro I emission legislation, BMW opted to enlarge the engine once more, to 3795 cc, with power climbing to 340 PS (250 kW/335 SAE hp) and torque going up to 400 Nm (295 ftlbf). Coil-on-plug ignition replaced the traditional distributor from the B35 & B36. The B38 engine also received a Motronic 3.3 engine management. This engine was used in the M5 until the E34 finished

    Displacement: 3.6 L (3,535 cc (216 cu in))
    Power: 231 kW (310 hp) @ 6900 rpm
    Torque: 360 Nm (266 lbft) @ 4750 rpm
    Bore: 93.4 mm (3.7 in)
    Stroke: 86 mm (3.4 in)
    Year: 1989-1993
    Application: BMW E34 M5 (NA spec) and Euro spec 1989-1992

    Displacement: 3.8 L (3,795 cc (232 cu in))
    Power: 250 kW (335 hp) @ 6900 rpm
    Torque: 400 Nm (295 lbft) @ 4750 rpm
    Bore: 94.6 mm (3.7 in)
    Stroke: 90 mm (3.5 in)
    Year: 1992-1996

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    Kopral Kepala
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    1 Day 20 Hrs 53 Mins 23 Secs

    Post BMW E34 Diesel Engine

    Di Indonesia, BMW tidak memasukkan E34 dengan pilihan mesin Diesel. Namun demikian, ada baiknya kita mengetahui informasi tentang tipe mesin diesel BMW yg dicangkokkan ke hidung E34

    BMW E34 524td
    The BMW M21 was a 2.4 L diesel straight-6 engine.

    It was introduced in 1983 with the BMW M20 design as its basis. It was available with a turbocharger. It was also the last diesel sold in the North American market in the E28 before the reintroduction of a diesel by BMW in the North American market E90 in 2009, the BMW M57

    Engine: M21D24
    Displacement: 2.4 L (2443 cc/149 in)

    Power: 85 kW (114 hp) @ 4800
    Torque: 210 Nm (155 ftlbf) @ 2400
    Redline: 5350

    Power: 85 kW (114 hp) @ 4800
    Torque: 220 Nm (162 ftlbf) @ 2400
    Redline: 5350

    Power: 63 kW (84 hp) @ 4600
    Torque: 152 Nm (112 ftlbf) @ 2500
    Redline: 5150

    * 1986-1992 E28 524d/524td
    * 1985-1993 E30 324d/324td
    * 1984-1985 Lincoln Continental Mark VII
    * 1984-1985 Lincoln Continental
    * 1986-1987 Vixen 21 TD and Vixen 21 XC
    * 1992 UMM Alter II (Very rare UMM model, only 4 were made)

    BMW E34 525td/s
    The BMW M51 is a straight-6 Diesel engine produced from July 1991 through February 2000. Displacement: 2.5 L (2498 cc/152 in)

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    Kopral Kepala
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    Post BMW E34

    Platform: BMW E34

    Class: Mid-size (E) luxury/executive car
    Body style(s):
    • 4-door sedan
    • 4-door station wagon

    Layout: FR layout


    1.8 L M40B18 I4
    1.8 L M43B18 I4
    1.8 L M43B18 I4
    2.0 L M20B20 I6
    2.0 L M20B20 I6
    2.0 L M50B20 I6
    2.5 L M20B25 I6
    2.5 L M50B25 I6
    3.0 L M60B30 V8
    3.5 L M30B35 I6
    4.0 L M60B40 V8
    2.5 L M20B25 I6
    3.5 L M30B35 I6
    3.6 L S38B36 I6
    2.5 L M50B25 I6
    3.0 L M60B30 V8
    3.8 L S38B38 I6
    4.0 L M60B40 V8

    • 4-speed automatic
    • 5-speed manual
    • 5-speed automatic
    • 6-speed manual

    Wheelbase: 2,761 mm (108.7 in)
    Length 4,719 mm (185.8 in)
    Width 1,750 mm (68.9 in)
    Height 1,412 mm (55.6 in); 1,417 mm (55.8 in)

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    Brigadir Jendral
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    ikutan mantau ya buat belajar..
    Kenwood 7016 | Gramond Alpha 6c | Gramond MD55 | Audio System 75.4 | Audio System MX12 | Pitch & Timbre

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    Kopral Kepala
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    1 Day 20 Hrs 53 Mins 23 Secs

    Post References
    Links di atas bisa jadi 'kitab suci' untuk E34. Isinya berupa referensi yang sangat lengkap dan sempurna. Bisa dijadikan pegangan untuk aplikasi perawatan perbaikan BMW E34 Anda di Indonesia.

    John G. Burns-UK
    BMW enthusiast dari UK. Memiliki koleksi artikel danreferensi yg sangat menarik dan penting untuk dijadikan pegangan.

    Forum resmi BMWCCI
    Facebook Resmi BMWCCI
    Facebook BMW E34 Indonesia
    Facebook fanpage BMW E34
    BMW M Registry
    Wikipedia BMW E34
    Wikipedia BMW M5

    Modifikasi'modcom'.com ini sudah merupakan forum yang lengkap, menarik, dan sempurna untuk atmosfer dunia otomotif menurut pandangan saya. Meski forum sebelah juga sangat cakep untuk selalu dipantau dan diikuti. Ini link yg 'wajib dipantau' untuk show-off BMW dan ini untuk bursa jual-belinya

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    Post Personal experiences

    Berikut beberapa 'bajakan' pengalaman pribadi tentang E34 atau tentang BMW secara keseluruhan yg berlaku juga untuk E34.

    Quote Originally Posted by vk_awen View Post
    BMW... kalo udah 5 taon banyak rusaknya..
    tapi kalo udah pada dibenerin lagi.. tuh mobil tahan 5 taon lagi sparepartnya.. biasanya juga bagian sensor, seal gitu2 aja..
    yang pasti gantinya jangan di Beres.. harga sparpartnya sama ongkosnya sama aja.. waaa gila..
    ganti di spesialis, sama perawatan accord juga sama aja harganya..
    Quote Originally Posted by s515i View Post
    BMW & Merc setiap 8tahun harus ganti Wiring harness (sesuai buku perawatan yg dulu saya baca)

    biasanya setelah 8tahun, timbul masalah2 Poor Contact antar sensor dll..

    jd tuk emsin injection, baiknya dibawak ek bengkel yg punya SCANNER komputer....
    Quote Originally Posted by jetro View Post
    Memang harus jeli bro kalo cari BMW, mahal dikit nggak apa daripada dongkol n buang2 waktu benerin mobil..ntar mobil malah lbh byk nongkrong d bengkel daripada dipake it means kerugian lu bs lebih besar kalo gak ambil BMW kondisi mint dgn harga sedikit mahal. Pengalaman gw pake 520i E34 M50 taun 91 baik2 aja kok, memang waktu ambil taun 99 harganya masih tinggi 127jt dan waktu gw jual taun 2006 tinggal 30 jt hehheehe... Tp gw puas banget, handling top of the line meskipun mesin agak lemes karena keberatan bodi..and FYI selama itu jg gw baru 1x turun mesin and habis ga sampe 8jt (its a 6 cyl engine bro). kaki-kaki selama 15 tahun gw pake cuma ganti shockbreaker n karet kacamata suspensi belakang sekali loh...coba mobil lain bisa2 ud jajan berkali kali, mengingat kond jalan jakarta yg ga bs dibilang mulus, apalagi kalo abs musim ujan. n harganya shocknya jg ga mahal2 amat sepasang cuma 1,1 jt jd kalo lu ganti depan blakang cuma 2,2jt (masih mau dibilang mahal?????)-----so jgn takut beli BMW bro asal extra teliti before you buy it...
    Quote Originally Posted by rendy76 View Post
    Share pengalaman ajah,, kebetulan gw peminat BMW dan kebetulan gw sering dan mengamati kelemahan dan kelebihan mobil...


    - Semua BMW pada dasarnya menuntut perawatan yang cukup apik dari pemiliknya baik dari air radiator, oli, dan electrical system.
    - Perawatan yg lebih spesifik lagi adalah pada MATIC: maticnya harus rajin2 ganti oli (20.000km) dgn oli yg bagus ini utk tipe E36 M40, M43 / M52 M50/M52.. dan pengecekan electrical wiring / ECU secara diagnostik ? EBD.
    - Electrical pada dasarnya memeang kabel di kendaraan apapun ada umurnya sehingga resistansi dari kabel akan bertambah seiring dgn bertambahnya usia, sehingga harus dicermati kalau ada kabel yg getas atau kering dan yg paling penting : JANGAN MEMASANG ALAT TAMBAHAN SEPERTI ALARM / SEJENISNYA secara SEMBARANGAN.... nah kalau sekali udah dipotong2 kabelnya bkn oleh pemasang alarm yg PRO udah deh gw garansi mobil loe bakal mogok2 terus gak jelas....
    - Hal yg dialami oleh mas diatas yg beli E36 th 91... yah memang dr sisi usia sdh hrs Overhaul maticnya karena keausan dan ECU nya udah habis EEPROM nya jadi hrs reset ulang dan ReEEPROM mdgn mengganti ICnya tp belum tentu semuanya... krn aku punya th 1992 belum ada gejala seperti itu .. KECUALI SOLENOID maticnya sdh tdk bekerja dgn baik sehingga Check LAMP model bunga menyala itu artinya jalan namun dalam kondisi EMERGENCY GEAR.... nah itu musti cek solenoidnya yg mana yg sdh tdk bekerja ,,, trus ganti dan reset..
    - Air radiator : radiatornya tdk bs d servise hrs ganti dan harus cek kebocoran menggunakan vacumm air pump sehingga apabila ditekan dgn pump ini tekanannya menurun maka dipastikan ada kebocoran di water cooling. apabila tekanan aman maka cooling berjalan sempurna.
    - Kaki2 buat gw E36 paling murah bs dicompare dgn mbl jepang yg sekelas deh.

    SERIE 5 M50:
    - Engine 6 cylindernya memang tdk bersuara halus krn masih menggunakan sistem stel klep tenaga torquenya sangar...
    - Penyakitnya : NOSEL yg dibialng orang "kencing", air flow dan fuel pump beserta regualtornya yg mengakibatkan staternya hrs berkali - kali

    Serie M 52:
    - Elektrikalnya hrs dicek dgn seksama ..
    - Other sama deh : radiator / cooling system musti dicek

    SERIE 3 E46:
    - Matic hrs menggunakan oli khusus Lifetime oil dan br ganti setiap 50.000km
    - Bensin irit, tenaga ok, kaki2 agak lemah tp cukup lah bs sampe 2-3thnan.

    All BMW : check

    - Sensor TD : gejala mesin distater mau tp gak bs hidup
    - Fuel pump : Mesin kalau dingin hidup normal tp kalau sdh jalan agak jauh atau panas tiba2 mati2 atau gak mau idup2 kalau d stater (ini seh mobil lain jg sama kok maslahnya)
    - E46 engine hunting : Sensor vacumm gas (harga cm 300rban) masang cm 30rb lgs tokcer lagi
    - E36 M43/M40 engine hunting : airflow ganti dah / bs d service dgn meng Carbonize air flownya dan d set ulang lgs mantep deh..
    - Airbag nyala lampu : reset tp kl masih nyala cek Seat occupancy yg dibawah bangku
    - Power window module : service aja deh tp kl punya duit beli baru aja rangenya 350-750rb / set

    nah pada dasarnya semua mbl punya masing2 kelemahan dan kelebihan tp kalau BMW itu ada harga ada rupa ... krn kalau gw bs hafal sampe harga dan penyakitnya itu krn gw selalu menyimpan bon dari apa yg gw repair dan menyempurnakan mbl itu dan hasilnya enak bgt deh.... dan gak mahal percaya deh kalau dsanding dgn kendaraan sekelas...dan apapun pls Cek pake OBD jgn tebak2 buah manggis deh ama montir yg sok tau ,,,, kecuali utk kaki2 yah.....

    mau nanya2 boleh utk share dan sharing..... atau mau jadiin BMW nya enak,,, ktm gw nanti gw diagnose apa ajah yg musti ganti biar enak bgt hehehehehh

    tp gw sendiri naik E46 2001 yg udah mau di facelift ke 2003 ,,, mantep bgt ....

    thank you
    Quote Originally Posted by Ferio1261 View Post
    gak semahal itu kok bos...temen gw pake 528i...penyakit nih mobil kan salah satunya suka panas mesinnya waktu itu bareng dibengkel dan dia benerin segala macem2 itu cuman 1,5 juta kok bos...
    1,5 juta termasuk sensor mesin,waterpump,termostat,dll gw gak afal...tapi gw liat bonnya tuh banyak bgt yang diganti dan totalnya cuman 1,5 juta...yang gw paling afal harga termostatnya 99 ribu...karena waktu itu mata gw pas lagi liat ke arah situ...benerinnya di anugrah haji nawi...CMIIW
    Quote Originally Posted by Ferio1261 View Post
    iya bos...yang penting air bag,abs,sama seatbeltnya itu...kalo air bag sama abs mati kemungkinan besar bekas kena banjir bos...apa gak kalo emang mati sama sekali,gak idup,sensornya di matiin atau diputusin sama orangnnya yang punya...biar keliatannya mati terus gitu...

    temen gw ada yang pernah ketipu soalnya,dia di balik spedometernya itu di tutupin kain item...jadi kan keliatannya item semua tuh hehe..gila orangnya yang jual...
    Quote Originally Posted by Backstreet Boys View Post
    gw br ganti fuel pump boss buat mbl gw, e39 528 taon 96, harga 1,8 di anugrah haji nawi

    mnrt gw ganti fuel pump itu bukan penyakit, tp emang ada umurnya, kira2 bisa dipake 3-4 taunan deh, tergantung pemakaian, klo punya gw sebelom mogok ud gw cek ternyata ud item2 butek gitu, sebelom terjadi hal yg tidak diinginkan gw ganti aja

    oh iya gw akuin kaki2 serie 5 mahal, makanya klo ada jalanan jelek pelan2, sayang2 tuh kaki2 heheheh

    smoga membantu
    Quote Originally Posted by helvetica View Post
    Itu mungkin hanya seperti urban legend, yah memang ada kejadian tapi tidak semuanya seperti itu. Hal yang paling sering terjadi kalo di BMW adalah jarum bensin ngaco. BMW menggunakan dua tangki ada di kiri dan di kanan, satu sebagai tank dan satunya lagi sebagai return tank dari mesin. Apabila ditinggal lama biasanya pelampung akan 'agak' tenggelam alhasil bensi terlihat lebih sedikit dari pada sebenarnya. Juga kalau diisi full tank tetep jarumnya tidak bisa mentok. Tapi tidak masalah kok pakai saja mobilnya dalam 1-2 hari juga kembali normal.

    Saya juga sering denger rem tangan stuck, ya semua mobil juga kagak boleh kali diparkir 2-3 hari pake rem tangan. Coba aja deh cuci mobil terus parkir di garasi sambil tarik rem tangn dan tinggalin sehari aja, pasti itu rem tangan nyangkut.

    Intinya gini, kecuali yang tinggal di luar kota/negeri, kita semua disini enthusiast makanya nongkrong di kalau tidak mungkin kita ga ada disini. Punya mobil untuk dipakai udah beli mahal mahal duit kita mati disitu kalau tidak di enjoy dan digunakan, kalo rusak ya resiko namanya juga punya mobil. Untuk apa sih mobil disimpan simpan dan disayang sayang pakenya hanya weekend saja? again kecuali kalo situ 'berduit' kalo rusak yah jangan complaint, jual aja beli baru. Tapi saya rasa wajar kalau ada mobil yang dipakai dan tidak dipakai rusak, namanya juga barang, semua tinggal tergantung kita merawatnya saja. Jujur kalo ada yang mau beli mobil saya saya akan bilang terus terang, mobil saya sering ke circuit dan sering digeber geber, tapi tetap saya urus, perhatikan dan rawat. Lari 200 udah, hampir kena banjir udah, nabrak udah, bawa barang banyak sampe ceper banget udah, hampir semua kayaknya pernah dan enjoy enjoy aja tuh. Money well spent and i got my money's worth. Anda gimana???

    waspada tetap harus waspada, tapi tidak semua mobil BMW diatas 5 thn kondisinya menyedihkan kok.
    Quote Originally Posted by olga_thehacker View Post
    E34 nggak ada yang mesin M52B20, kalau ada itu berarti modifan :smt033

    Gw pake E34 M50B20 , dari segi perawatan jelas ini yang paling enak, spare part gampang dan kebanyakan bengkel ngerti mesinnya. Tapi, dari segi tenaga so so aja, sekarang malah lagi pengen E34 M60B30 :cool:

    Mesin M30B35 teknologinya lawas kompresi mesin masih rendah 1:9, masih pake distributor, dibandingkan M60B30 teknologinya lebih canggih yang kompresinya sudah tinggi 10.5 dan sudah pake coil on plug dan sudah ada knocking sensor.

    Mungkin ada baiknya testdrive dulu semua tipe E34, kalau mobilnya masih bagus pada dasarnya perawatan dan kenyamananya kurang lebih sama, tapi kalau udah rusak M60B30 kayaknya paling ribet.
    Quote Originally Posted by olga_thehacker View Post
    Kalau pake bensin oktan tinggi, Pertamax Plus atau Shell Super 95 mesin kompresi tinggi lebih efisien antara power dengan konsumsi bensin,untuk kasus ini M60B30 lebih efisien daripada M30B35. Cari aja M60 yang NIKASIL nya masih bagus, ciri-cirinya iddlenya halus dan nggak makan oli, kalau ragu bawa ke Bengkel Resmi BMW aja di General Check Up dan Test Kompresi dan Iddle Quality.

    Cocok lah buat wiken car pake M60B30 :smt033

    Kalau gw sih buat harian E34 M50B20 vanos lumayan irit, bisa 1:12 kalau luar kota (kecepatan konstan 90 km/h), buat ukuran BMW tenaga so so , tapi dibandingin sama Toyota yang CC nya sama sih tenaganya gahar

    E34M50 facelift exterior sama dengan E34 M60, perhatikan kap mesin dan grill

    kayak gini (ini E34 M50B20 Vanos gw)

    E34 M50 sebelum facelift kayak gini

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    Quote Originally Posted by jwicaksana View Post
    ikutan mantau ya buat belajar..
    Matur nuwun gan... Semoga thread ini bisa terus semakin berkembang dan menjadi acuan untuk bersama. Ameen...

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    Ikut mantau juga sebagai penyuka E34


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