Do you spend hours in the gym every week, maybe even every day? Do you spend tons of money on supplements, maybe even steroids? Do you believe whatever the bodybuilding magazines tell you?If so then I am afraid to tell you that you have been duped, and taken in by the ideas the media is throwing at you. I just want to focus on one of the many things that you are doing which is not only unhelpful to your body, but may also be stopping your progress.Before I started training with my trainer insanity deluxe, all I wanted to do was work every single body part in every single workout for at least 2 hours. Otherwise I felt useless. I felt I was not accomplishing anything. Big mistake.The truth of the matter is that I was actually hurting my progress by working out way too long. Instead, my trainer put me on shorter, but more intense workouts and I started accomplishing a lot more in my short intense workout then I possibly could have in a long tenuous workout.Your body is not meant to be worked with hours straight of working out hard. If you try to work out intensely for over about 60-75 minutes, your body starts to go into a state of catabolism, where catabolic hormones start a negative process in your body of breaking down more muscle than it can rebuild.Excessively long workouts can therefore actually decrease your lean muscle mass and cause a decrease in your metabolic rate.Furthermore, what most people do not realize is that the body actually builds muscle, wait for it... WHILE YOU ARE RESTING! When you work out, you are essentially tearing muscle fibers so that they can rebuild insanity workout dvd australia Rev Abs workout in canada, stronger and bigger than before.This is why it is so important to rest and take a day break between training sessions. In fact, most knowledgable and ripped people you will meet only spend around three to four hours in the gym a week! Not the seven or eight some people think they have to dedicate.The importance of structuring a workout the right way is huge. Doing an intense 15-20 minute workout (and I mean actually intense, without much rest time between sets), can actually more effective than working out for two hours per day in the gym. There is also a good place for workouts with heavier weights and slightly longer rest periods with a duration of 45-60 minutes. However, most research says that training hard for over 60 minutes is generally not a good idea if you want good results.Now it is also extremely important to fuel the body after a good workout. Actually, maybe second to breakfast in importance of meals is the post workout meal. Look for a ratio of 2:1 carbs to protein for a good post workout meal.So don't spend hours and hours of your life in the gym. You do not have to and it will only hurt your results. Pick a few full body multi-joint exercises and create something intense. And don't forget the post workout meal.