2 Pair 2,5M Monster Cable Interlink XLN-401 2C.........sold


The world's only two channel noise eliminating design for head units with high-voltage outputs.
XLN construction for rejection of loop area noise and inductive interference.
Connector housing is 1/3 the overall length of average RCA connectors for easy installation in tight places.
Noise sensitivity reduction of up to 40dB compared to ordinary parallel construction coaxial interconnects.
Features QuadHelix construction for extra low noise music reproduction.
Time Correct windings for accurate reproduction of music.
Multiple gauge high and low frequency wire networks for accurate, natural sound reproduction.
Detailed & precise imaging, high clarity, excellent depth & soundstage, natural harmonic tonal balance.
Superior Connection 8-cut Turbine 24k gold RCA connectors resist corrosion and won't vibrate loose over time.

Introducing Xtra Low Noise interconnect cables for noise - free performance
Monster Cable has solved the problem of noise introduced into conventional coaxial cables with our exclusive XLN Xtra Low Noise DoubleHelix (2 - channel) and QuadHelix ( 4 - Channel) interconnect cables. These revolutionary cables feature special twisted construction which minimizes the loop area for maximum noise rejection. DoubleHelix and QuadHelix construction reduces inductive coupling between high current sources and low level signals - ensuring noise sensitivity reduction of 40 DB compared to ordinary side-by-side constructed coaxial interconnects. The result is greater noise rejection for superior performance.

Advanced Bandwidth Balanced Time Correct cable technology for superior music reproduction
Interlink 401XLN uses dual multiple gauge Bandwidth Balanced bass and high frequency wire networks for more accurate signal transfer and smooth, balanced reproduction of music harmonics. Time Correct technology compensates for phase variations in the audio signal for improved sound stage, clarity and imaging. Fine - stranded high purity copper windings enhance signal transfer for overall sonic improvement with tonal and dynamic realism. Bass notes are deep and tight. Imaging of instruments is precise with a spacious and layered sound stage. Phase and amplitude response is accurate for more natural sound.

Monster's patented 24K gold contact Turbine RCA connectors
Monster's patented Turbine RCA connectors feature a massive 24K gold contact ground shell with eight diagonal cuts along its circumference to maximize contact area and provide very high contact mass, allowing a more complete transfer of the audio signal. The extra - thick shell ensures a precision fit that won't pull or vibrate loose in your car.

Get award winning performance with Monster Xtra Low Noise technology
Ultra high performance Interlink 401XLN interconnect with DoubleHelix construction solves the problem of car audio noise and provides outstanding music reproduction. Installing your system with Monster's XLN cables ensures maximum performance - virtually noise free.