New York Yankees slugger Alex Rodriguez was expected to hit his 600th homer in front of his home fans in the Yankee Stadium, but he missed out on it. A-Rod was disappointed but also lucky to escape the injury after getting hit by a pitch.Rodriguez had a last chance to share the moment with the Yankee Stadium crowd when he came to bat in the eighth with bases loaded against Kansas City Royals reliever Blake Wood.Wood came up and in with a fastball, and the ball grazed Rodriguez’s forearm and struck the top of the slugger’s left hand, sending him to the ground.Alex Rodriguez was disappointed that he failed to hit his milestone 600th home run in front of home fans on Sunday but happy to have escaped the possible injuries. “I was more fearful of the ball coming toward my face or the hand, which is so sensitive. It’s very easy to break a bone or chip a bone. I’m just very glad that didn’t happen.”That is a pity for Alex Rodriguez not making his milestone in the home game, and A-Rod felt upset about it. But he is sure to be the seventh player in Major League Baseball to reach the 600 mark, we know it will come. Let’s expect the next game.