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Everything from vehicle history, technical data, engine, interior, suspension and body components to the wildest of modifications are on each page and includes pictures of specially built vehicles and parts that most people outside of Japan would not even imagine were available!

HyperRev is regarded as the definitive owners bible for tuning and customization.

Each issue is precisely focused to a particular make of vehicle and includes in depth reports, features and product listings spanning the entire spectrum of OEM and aftermarket performance tuning and styling.

Most HyperRev books are between 200 and 300 pages. For popular cars there are often multiple volumes of HyperRev books that are released.

Enthusiasts worldwide have found HyperRev books to be an invaluable resource for learning about new performance parts and planning the modification of their vehicles.

Please note: HyperRev is produced only in Japanese, however many brands and names of featured products can be read and understood and can be searched on the internet for english translation.

Needless to say, the full color pictures speak for themselves.