SALE LIGHTNING AUDIO STRIKE 1F capacitor (MADE IN USA).............sold

Tired of dimming lights and distored bass? Well if you are, you got off in the right spot. The LSD10 capacitor eliminates that problem by soring reserve power and then delivering it lightning-fast just when your amps need it most.External capacitors are found in just about every stereo competition vehicle.

Lightning Audio's Strike Caps act as a buffer zone between your amp and your battery, getting the juice to your bass for maximum performance. The LSD10 1-farad capacitor can be used with amplifiers producing up to 1,000 watts RMS. The digital voltage readout shows your exact voltage to the decimal point. Visual and audible warnings tell you if the cap has been wired backwards. Ground cable and appropriate connectors required (not included see Detailed Info).

* 1-farad cap for systems of up to 1,000 watts RMS
* 16-volt maximum (20-volt surge)
* 3-1/16" diameter x 9-3/4"H