SALE LIGHTNING AUDIO BOLT 1F capacitor (MADE IN USA)...........sold

Get the reserve power you need with the power and speed of Lightning! Lightning Audio capacitors are a must for any high-powered car audio system. They deliver the needed juice ultra quick, thanks to a super low ESR (Equivalent Series Resistance). The Bolt Digital series features a unique design that gives them an ESR of less than 1.5 milliohms, the lowest in the world! A new yellow LED digital gauge provides capacitor voltage and diagnostics, plus provides a built-in mounting bracket. New pro-style top posts accept bare wire up to 4 gauge with no ring terminals needed. Nuclear yellow finish with black, white, and silver graphics.

Key Features:

* 1.0 Farad High Performance Digital Capacitor with Built-in Distribution Block
* New Pro-Style Set Screws Accept up to 4 Gauge Bare Wire
* Through-Post Design
* Audible Reverse Polarity Warning
* Built-in Distribution Block: Dual 4 AWG (positive and negative)
* High gain foil: extreme energy storage capacity
* Ultra low ESR < 0.0015 Ohms. +/- 20% Tolerance

Installation Tip: As a general rule of thumb, use 1 farad of capacitor storage for every 1000 watts of power. For example, if you have 500 watts of total power, then a 0.5 farad stiffening capacitor will suffice. But if you've bumpin' 750 watts of power, then go for a 1 farad cap. The more capacitor storage, the better. Remember to mount your capacitor as close as possible to your amplifiers for best results.