ScanSpeak D2905/9700 28 mm Dome Tweeter..............sold

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The Scan-speak D2905/9700 uses the same hand coated dome and voice coil of the D2905/9500, but uses the motor system of the Revelator. The Symmetric Drive technology eliminates almost all electrical phase shift. The carefully machined top plate minimize air noise and compression. Copper caps act as heat conductors. High power handling is achieved without ferrofluid and improves micro-dynamic linearity. The tweeter has excellent dynamic and detailing capability.

Sensitivity 2.83V/1M 89.5dB
Free air resonance Fs 500 Hz
DC resistance 4.7 W
V.C. inductance 0.01 mH
Power 225W@2.8kHz
Effective cone area 8.5 cm2
V.C. diameter 28 mm
V.C. height -
Air gap height -

Lin. & max. excursion 0.4/ 1.5 mm
Air gap flux density -
BL 3.5 Tm
Moving mass incl. air 0.45 g
Net weight 0.7 kg

Outside diameter: 104.5mm
Cut out: 74mm
Depth: 41mm
25.4mm = 1" = 2.54cm