AUTOTEK Main Machine Model 66 (rare n very underated amplifier)........

from diyma forum :

Very rare chance! All are in great shape, small nicks but not major damage. 100% working. This is only for sale or a day or two. These are not shelf queens, they are used every day in an automobile and have small flaws. No ground up fins nor major dents. Straight amps with little touch up paint marks here and there. Extremely high res photo's are in my gallery.

Model 44 - $150 shipped

Model 66 - $175 shipped

Model 99 - $200 shipped

Don't ask specs, if you don't know you don't deserve them.

about the spec (from audioforum) :


I have a friend who owns a autotek mean machine 66 and a 99. I used to own a 66 several years ago, and I loved it. I'm just curious if anyone knew where I could find documentation on the power ratings and the ohm loads it could handle. I'm hoping it''ll power a single 12 inch sub at a 2ohm load.


The model 66 is a 2x33 @ 4 ohms and 2x120+ @ 2 ohms. The way they did that is by underrating it and the model 66 is actually 2x75!

picture from diy :

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