NEW DIGITAL DESIGN (DD) C2b amplifier garansi full 1 tahun......3,75jt
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    Letnan Jendral
    GASOLINE AUDIO STATION (Mega Glodok Kemayoran lt 6 blok f1-6)
    M-Store Point
    2 Mths 2 Wks 3 Days 3 Hrs 52 Mins 55 Secs

    Exclamation NEW DIGITAL DESIGN (DD) C2b amplifier garansi full 1 tahun......3,75jt

    NEW DIGITAL DESIGN (DD) C2b amplifier garansi full 1 tahun......3,75jt

    class ab-1ohm technology amplifier..
    very clean and good transient bass!!

    $459.00 / €288.00

    120Wrms x 2 @ 4 ohm
    180 x 2 @ 2 ohm stereo
    230 x 2 @ 1 ohm stereo
    460 x 1 @ 2 ohm mono
    1 ohm stable
    Input Sensitivity 0.2V - 6V
    Variable High Pass Filter 30Hz - 1.2KHz
    Variable Low Pass Filter 30Hz - 500Hz
    Variable Sub-sonic Filter 24dB/Oct 10Hz - 100Hz
    Variable Bass Boost 0-12dB @ 45Hz
    Tested Voltage 14.4
    Tested THD 0.02%
    Model C2b
    Damping Factor >100
    Dynamic Power 960W
    Efficiency thru Output 65%
    Dimensions - mm 244.5W x 54.3H x 330L
    Dimensions - inches 13L x 9.63W x 2.14H
    Signal to Noise >100dB
    Shipping Weight 10 lbs


    * Murdered-Out power & speaker terminal blocks
    * Power & Protection indicator LEDs
    * Switchable crossover function LPF/FULL/HPF
    * Variable subsonic filter
    * Variable bass boost
    * 5-way protection circuit

    DDC2b - Amplifier

    The C Series amps are our Go-To amps for most daily driving applications. The C amps offer good sound quality, install friendly features and high-end cosmetics at price points normally associated with budget, entry level offerings. These high value amps feature stable and reliable class AB circuits which are ideal for driving either full range or subwoofer applications.

    System Design

    The preamp section gives flexible versatility to accommodate many installation needs. Each channel of the C amps can be set for low pass filtered operation; high pass filtered or full range operation. Single channel and 2 channel amps have sub-sonic filters added in order to band pass the subwoofer range. Two or three amps can be combined to run 2-way or 3-way setups. One amp can be band passed for the sub, a second amp to run mid/high speakers. More complex 3 way systems can be setup for band passing dedicated mid-bass drivers or midrange drivers.

    Each pair of channels also feature a 12dB bass boost at 40 Hz. Single channel and 2 channel amps add optional remote gain controls.

    Class AB Designs

    The C amps use high quality Class AB designs with parts chosen for smooth and reliable operation. The PCBs are double sided, high grade epoxy in order to move current efficiently with excellent thermal management. Properly sized power supplies matched to over-designed output sections deliver strong transient response and tight bass. The C amps are meant to be True To The Source, to make your music or vibratory experience as close to the source signal as possible, and perform like this for years to come.

    Thermal Management

    The heat sink design of the new DD amps yields maximum dissipation for a given amount of length. Horizontal and vertical fins allow convection cooling from multiple mounting angles. Extra heavy heat sink rails, built into the rail corners, are used to carry heat away from the Mosfets and transistors. The output devices are mounted on the upper rail, below the top surface where heat can expand to both top fins and side fins. The transistor bank is situated toward the center of the amp so heat can outflow equally to both sides. The end panels are also vented to allow heat buildup to escape the PCB cavity.

    Great All Purpose Amps

    Having to choose between good performance and good pricing is no longer a decision one has to make. The C amps are well designed, use high quality parts, deliver good performance and offer great system flexibility. The C amps were not designed by a marketing department, not designed to highlight LED research into non-operational cosmetic compulsive Vegas induced lightshows or to claim hydroelectric output capability from a handful of actual parts. These are amps designed for good performance, amps we are happy to use in our own cars, and amps that will serve you well for a long time.


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    Letnan Jendral
    GASOLINE AUDIO STATION (Mega Glodok Kemayoran lt 6 blok f1-6)
    M-Store Point
    2 Mths 2 Wks 3 Days 3 Hrs 52 Mins 55 Secs


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