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SPL DYNAMICS is a registered Finnish car audio trademark owned by Flextron Oy. Our full line of
high quality car audio components for domestic and international markets is developed
and engineered in Finland.

S - series amplifiers

SPL Dynamics S-series amplifiers technical features and impressive design raise them
to a new quality level. Our research & development team members loaded their best
knowledge into this unique amplifier line.
S-series amplifier line was designed to cover all the needs of car audio and tuning enthusiasts.
Wide range of models ensures that enthusiasts can create installations with uniform look
and feel covering all their needs.
The technical features of S-series amplifiers donít leave anyone cold. Each model has 24dB/oct
fully variable active bandpass filters. 3- or 4-way active systems can be made with wide range
filters. Highpass filters start from 15Hz, so it can also be usedas a subsonic filter for
subwoofer. Input mode switch (4- & 6-channel models) allow to choose whether you
use the whole amp with single RCA pair or each channel pair with separate RCA cables.
Power and speaker terminals are gold plated. Amplifiers are also equipped with
soft turn-on/turn-off circuit and effective multiple protection circuit.

Specifications S-4005 :

RMS Power 4 Ohm (channels 1-4) 4 x 50W
RMS Power 2 Ohm (channels 1-4) 4 x 85W
RMS Power 4 Ohm (channel 5) 1 x 200W
RMS Power 2 Ohm (channel 5) 1 x 320W
THD (A-weight) < 0,05%
Input sensitivity 200mV - 4 V
Low Pass (18dB/oct) (channels 1-4) 40 - 600 Hz
High Pass (18dB/oct) (channels 1-4) 40 - 600 Hz
Low Pass (18dB/oct) (channel 5) 40 - 600 Hz
Dimensions (W x H x L) mm 248 x 51 x 430