Although neither or them remembered wow gold the occasion, Diana first met her future husband when she was just a baby. It happened during the winter of 1961, when twelve-year-old Charles, Prince of Wales, was visiting his mother’s Sandringham retreat. At the time, your Prince Charles barely glanced at the tiny baby sleeping wow gold in her cot. After all, bow could a twelve-year-old boy be interested in babies? But the Prince would eventually take a very keen interest in this particular baby —it would just wow gold take some time. In fact, it would be sixteen years before Prince Charles and Lady Diana Spencer took place in the middle of a farmer’s field during a shooting party in November 1977. It was a cold, rainy, bleak afternoon when sixteen-year-old Diana, wow gold dressed in a borrowed parka that was too large for her, boots, and blue jeans, crossed the field to meet the heir to the British throne. It was almost twilight when the two came face to face near Nobottle Woods.