minutes and seconds
Scuto Laminating Simota

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    Kopral Dua
    M-Store Point

    Wink minutes and seconds

    Function: when, minutes and seconds/FeiFan type date showing/analysis shows that the H1929 movement: automatic mechanical machine/hour chain of vibration frequency 28,800 times/frequency 4 KHZ, 55 hours/dynamic storage / Replica Rado WatchesReplica Tag Heuer WatchesReplica U-Boat Watches306 medal parts, including 32 gem/manual chamfering plywood and mechanical/put tuo and plywood adorn have "H" mark pattern texture, dial: carbon gray sun radiation pattern, platinum surface wave patterns, atlas: 750 platinum (87.7 grams) / diameter 43.5 mm / 30 meters waterproof, mirror: sapphire crystal and DeGai table, Barenia: black leather watchband, platinum style.

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    Kopral Kepala
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    23 Hrs 24 Secs


Mitsubishi MBtech

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