Semua Istilah Pada Mesin Meobil Yang Pernah Anda Ketahui
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    Semua Istilah Pada Mesin Meobil Yang Pernah Anda Ketahui

    Glossary of Technical

    ABS (Anti-lock brake system) A system,
    usually electronically controlled, that senses
    incipient wheel lockup during braking and
    relieves hydraulic pressure at wheels that are
    about to skid.

    Air bag An inflatable bag hidden in the
    steering wheel (driver’s side) or the dash or
    glovebox (passenger side). In a head-on
    collision, the bags inflate, preventing the
    driver and front passenger from being thrown
    forward into the steering wheel or windscreen.

    Air cleaner A metal or plastic housing,
    containing a filter element, which removes
    dust and dirt from the air being drawn into the

    Air filter element The actual filter in an air
    cleaner system, usually manufactured from
    pleated paper and requiring renewal at regular

    Alternator A component in the electrical
    system which converts mechanical energy
    from a drivebelt into electrical energy to
    charge the battery and to operate the starting
    system, ignition system and electrical

    Axle A shaft on which a wheel revolves, or
    which revolves with a wheel. Also, a solid
    beam that connects the two wheels at one
    end of the vehicle. An axle which also
    transmits power to the wheels is known as a
    live axle.

    Axleshaft A single rotating shaft, on either
    side of the differential, which delivers power
    from the final drive assembly to the drive
    wheels. Also called a driveshaft or a halfshaft.

    Bearing The curved surface on a shaft or in a
    bore, or the part assembled into either, that
    permits relative motion between them with
    minimum wear and friction.

    Bleed nipple A valve on a brake wheel
    cylinder, caliper or other hydraulic component
    that is opened to purge the hydraulic system
    of air. Also called a bleed screw.

    Brake disc The component of a disc brake
    that rotates with the wheels

    Brake drum The component of a drum brake
    that rotates with the wheels.

    Brake linings The friction material which
    contacts the brake disc or drum to retard the
    vehicle’s speed. The linings are bonded or
    riveted to the brake pads or shoes.

    Brake pads The replaceable friction pads
    that pinch the brake disc when the brakes are
    applied. Brake pads consist of a friction
    material bonded or riveted to a rigid backing

    Brake shoe The crescent-shaped carrier to
    which the brake linings are mounted and
    which forces the lining against the rotating
    drum during braking.

    Braking systems For more information on
    braking systems, consult the Haynes
    Automotive Brake Manual.

    Caliper The non-rotating part of a disc-brake
    assembly that straddles the disc and carries
    the brake pads. The caliper also contains the
    hydraulic components that cause the pads to
    pinch the disc when the brakes are applied. A
    caliper is also a measuring tool that can be set
    to measure inside or outside dimensions of an

    Camshaft A rotating shaft on which a series
    of cam lobes operate the valve mechanisms.
    The camshaft may be driven by gears, by
    sprockets and chain or by sprockets and a

    Canister A container in an evaporative
    emission control system; contains activated
    charcoal granules to trap vapours from the
    fuel system.

    Carburettor A device which mixes fuel with
    air in the proper proportions to provide a
    desired power output from a spark ignition
    internal combustion engine.

    Catalytic converter A silencer-like device in
    the exhaust system which converts certain
    pollutants in the exhaust gases into less
    harmful substances.

    Coil spring A spiral of elastic steel found in
    various sizes throughout a vehicle, for
    example as a springing medium in the
    suspension and in the valve train.

    Compression Reduction in volume, and
    increase in pressure and temperature, of a
    gas, caused by squeezing it into a smaller

    Compression ratio The relationship between
    cylinder volume when the piston is at top
    dead centre and cylinder volume when the
    piston is at bottom dead centre.

    Crankcase The lower part of the engine
    block in which the crankshaft rotates.

    Crankshaft The main rotating member, or
    shaft, running the length of the crankcase,
    with offset “throws” to which the connecting
    rods are attached.

    Diagnostic code Code numbers obtained by
    accessing the diagnostic mode of an engine
    management computer. This code can be
    used to determine the area in the system
    where a malfunction may be located.

    Double-overhead cam (DOHC) An engine
    that uses two overhead camshafts, usually
    one for the intake valves and one for the
    exhaust valves.

    Drivebelt(s) The belt(s) used to drive
    accessories such as the alternator, water
    pump, power steering pump, air conditioning
    compressor, etc. off the crankshaft pulley.

    Driveshaft Any shaft used to transmit
    motion. Commonly used when referring to the
    axleshafts on a front wheel drive vehicle.

    Drum brake A type of brake using a drumshaped
    metal cylinder attached to the inner
    surface of the wheel. When the brake pedal is
    pressed, curved brake shoes with friction
    linings press against the inside of the drum to
    slow or stop the vehicle.

    EGR valve A valve used to introduce exhaust
    gases into the intake air stream.

    Electronic control unit (ECU) A computer
    which controls (for instance) ignition and fuel
    injection systems, or an anti-lock braking
    system. For more information refer to the
    Haynes Automotive Electrical and Electronic
    Systems Manual.

    Electronic Fuel Injection (EFI) A computer
    controlled fuel system that distributes fuel
    through an injector located in each intake port
    of the engine.

    Engine management system (EMS) A
    computer controlled system which manages
    the fuel injection and the ignition systems in
    an integrated fashion.

    Exhaust manifold A part with several
    passages through which exhaust gases leave
    the engine combustion chambers and enter
    the exhaust pipe.

    Firing order The order in which the engine
    cylinders fire, or deliver their power strokes,
    beginning with the number one cylinder.

    Flywheel A heavy spinning wheel in which
    energy is absorbed and stored by means of
    momentum. On cars, the flywheel is attached
    to the crankshaft to smooth out firing

    Fuse An electrical device which protects a
    circuit against accidental overload. The typical
    fuse contains a soft piece of metal which is
    calibrated to melt at a predetermined current
    flow (expressed as amps) and break the

    Gasket Any thin, soft material - usually cork,
    cardboard, asbestos or soft metal - installed
    between two metal surfaces to ensure a good
    seal. For instance, the cylinder head gasket
    seals the joint between the block and the
    cylinder head.

    Gauge An instrument panel display used to
    monitor engine conditions. A gauge with a
    movable pointer on a dial or a fixed scale is an
    analogue gauge. A gauge with a numerical
    readout is called a digital gauge.

    Ignition timing The moment at which the
    spark plug fires, usually expressed in the
    number of crankshaft degrees before the
    piston reaches the top of its stroke.

    Inlet manifold A tube or housing with
    passages through which flows the air-fuel
    mixture (carburettor vehicles and vehicles with
    throttle body injection) or air only (port fuelinjected
    vehicles) to the port openings in the
    cylinder head.

    Jump start Starting the engine of a vehicle
    with a discharged or weak battery by
    attaching jump leads from the weak battery to
    a charged or helper battery.

    MacPherson strut A type of front
    suspension system devised by Earle
    MacPherson at Ford of England. In its original
    form, a simple lateral link with the anti-roll bar
    creates the lower control arm. A long strut - an
    integral coil spring and shock absorber - is
    mounted between the body and the steering
    knuckle. Many modern so-called MacPherson
    strut systems use a conventional lower A-arm
    and don’t rely on the anti-roll bar for location.

    Overhead cam (ohc) engine An engine with
    the camshaft(s) located on top of the cylinder

    Overhead valve (ohv) engine An engine with
    the valves located in the cylinder head, but
    with the camshaft located in the engine block.

    Oxygen sensor A device installed in the
    engine exhaust manifold, which senses the
    oxygen content in the exhaust and converts
    this information into an electric current. Also
    called a Lambda sensor.
    Propeller shaft The long hollow tube with
    universal joints at both ends that carries
    power from the transmission to the differential
    on front-engined rear wheel drive vehicles.

    Proportioning valve A hydraulic control
    valve which limits the amount of pressure to
    the rear brakes during panic stops to prevent
    wheel lock-up.

    Rack-and-pinion steering A steering system
    with a pinion gear on the end of the steering
    shaft that mates with a rack (think of a geared
    wheel opened up and laid flat). When the
    steering wheel is turned, the pinion turns,
    moving the rack to the left or right. This
    movement is transmitted through the track
    rods to the steering arms at the wheels.

    Radiator A liquid-to-air heat transfer device
    designed to reduce the temperature of the
    coolant in an internal combustion engine
    cooling system.

    Refrigerant Any substance used as a heat
    transfer agent in an air-conditioning system.
    R-12 has been the principle refrigerant for
    many years; recently, however, manufacturers
    have begun using R-134a, a non-CFC
    substance that is considered less harmful to
    the ozone in the upper atmosphere.

    Rocker arm A lever arm that rocks on a shaft
    or pivots on a stud. In an overhead valve
    engine, the rocker arm converts the upward
    movement of the pushrod into a downward
    movement to open a valve.

    Rotor In a distributor, the rotating device
    inside the cap that connects the centre
    electrode and the outer terminals as it turns,
    distributing the high voltage from the coil
    secondary winding to the proper spark plug.
    Also, that part of an alternator which rotates
    inside the stator. Also, the rotating assembly
    of a turbocharger, including the compressor
    wheel, shaft and turbine wheel.

    Thermostat A heat-controlled valve that
    regulates the flow of coolant between the
    cylinder block and the radiator, so maintaining
    optimum engine operating temperature. A
    thermostat is also used in some air cleaners in
    which the temperature is regulated.

    Timing belt A toothed belt which drives the
    camshaft. Serious engine damage may result
    if it breaks in service.

    Timing chain A chain which drives the

    Turbocharger A centrifugal device, driven by
    exhaust gases, that pressurises the intake air.
    Normally used to increase the power output
    from a given engine displacement, but can
    also be used primarily to reduce exhaust
    emissions (as on VW’s “Umwelt” Diesel

    silahkan dipelajari yah...

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    rajin amat bos fuego..
    boleh jadi sticky nih..
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    wuih.. mantab..

    thanks bos
    if you have everything under control, then you don't drive fast enough

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    sip lah..

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    thx bos...

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    ur welcome..guys,your pleasure is my pleasure...

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    jebolan bengkel mana bos? ato anak teknik mesin yach? huehuehue........... good post...... thank's.........

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    bukan jebolan bengkel mana2,boro2 teknik mesin...cuma ngerti dikit doank,not much.

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    teruskan..buat nambah wawasan dunia otomotif..

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