Solar Revolution, who can seize the opportunity?Solar energy is at a Revolution: Industrial prospects for a good, output speed growth, the global market fully liberalized. The outbreak of the Revolution, thanks to a variety of factors both within and outside industry.The solar energy industry in recent years due to state of the new energy-related policies, the Chinese government promulgated a national policy on home appliances such as clemency countryside. In particular, this year the global financial crisis, countries around the world have the old growth mode of economic production to reflect strong to find a new growth. The General Secretary Hu Jintao also made it clear instructions: "Made in China to effectively promote change in the pattern of economic development, efforts to promote economic development from a factor-driven to innovation-driven change."In this environment, the solar energy revolution finally broke out quickly, according to the statistics, the current solar industry total output value has reached 60 billion, annual growth rate of more than 35%.Solar energy as a home appliances category, previously had been marginalized, because the solar energy a major market in three to four markets, consumer groups and the media away from the city.On the explosive growth of the solar energy industry and many household appliances is to look at companies and distributors do not understand. Recently, Shanghai Need for strategic brand marketing planning agencies to assist in Jiangsu New Energy Co., Ltd. Sun Bao scheme for the "2010 China's solar industry leaders to join the Global Strategy Forum and the sun Po summit", from various dealers at home and abroad more than 500 people attended this event. After the relevant reports will be broadcast, many home appliance company CEOs, or confused and wondered how solar energy industry, there will be such a big opportunity? Sun Bao-how would there be such an appealing business? Description of the market response has been quick appliance enterprises have "blind" when. Wealth in the world history tells a simple truth: the wealth to those who never took off rapidly in the industry able to act swiftly to seize the opportunity for investors tilt.Renewable energy is China's important energy resources. In meeting energy demand, improve energy structure, reducing environmental pollution, and promoting economic development has played a great role, the Chinese government always attached importance to the development and utilization of renewable energy, sustainable development is also a foreign environment, the use of long-standing topic. Therefore, in the solar energy industry invested a lot of manpower and material resources is also reasonable. 2009, is China's large-scale development of solar thermal industry a year, despite the global financial crisis and other factors, but still maintained a relatively stable and sustained growth. Makes the whole solar energy heat utilization industry strong.From a commercial point of view. Solar water heaters, sustained and rapid growth in recent years. China's annual output of solar water heaters mark a breakthrough year, economic growth is expected to exceed 70%. Market performance of the solar energy industry has a great concern.Editor: Jiaxing Diyi New Energy