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    Shok Industries Comptition SQ car build

    Eng bravo build

    Hi all,

    Here's a little build log of one of my competition cars.

    This car is currently being built by my Singapore Distributor Dimension Audio

    This car is being prepared for IASCA season 2010.

    This was the gear that was in the car for 2009

    HU: Alpine #F1 DVI9990 + H9990
    Front stage:
    Tweets: Morel Supremo Picollo Tweeters
    Mid range: Morel Hybrid Ovation 4"
    Mid Bass: Morel Supremo 6"
    Woofer :Morel Supremo 9"
    Sub woofer: Morel Ultimo 12"

    tweets + Mid range: Genesis 475 Class AAB
    Mid bass: Genesis Dual Mono Xtreme
    woofer: Genesis dual mono
    Sub woofer: Genesis dual mono Xtreme

    some pics of the rear setup ( will add front pics soon)

    Car was gutter out totally, A pillars stripped out, door panels refabricated and the whole rear setup taken out.

    For the new setup, speakers will be swapped out to EB Acoustic LS165 kit

    Supremo 9" woofer will be swapped out for an Ultimo 8"

    car will be rewired with Shok Industries Competition Series Power cable ( was using some puny 1/0 ga as positive) for the positive run and Shok Industries 4707 CCA ( already in the car from 2009 season)

    Big 3 upgrade all with Shok 4707 CCA.

    now for the pics

    setup gutted out

    Ultimo 8" chilling by the side

    door panels already rebuilt ( missed out on the rebuild )

    old sub box

    the rear all nice and re-deadened

    amps chilling by the site

    test fit for the amps ( not yet confirmed)

    some of the shok industries reference CCA 4 ga that will be going into the car

    more pics to come soon

    CHeers all

  2. Giro Modcom 728x90 Dalam Thread
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    Hi all,

    I managed to dig out some earlier pictures of the car for you guys

    In an earlier setup, the front speakers were the supreme piccolos, morel hybrid ovation 4” and morel supreme 6” mid bass.

    Also at one point in time, this car was running the old school #F1 ( CDA 7990 + H900).

    Man I tell you, this was such an amazing sounding deck!

    But we swapped it out to the newer F1 as syncing it to our laptop was kinda a pain in the ass + also it was kidna old and didn’t like some CDs ( even though they were original)

    So here are the pics

    Supreme 6”

    the lovely 7990 + H900

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    Ok guys, here’s more pics

    This is the enclosure for the 8” ultimo

    Test fitting the sub

    The empty boot

    I guess the ultimo 8” is the new kid on the block, so got some pics for u guys

    some simple modifications, heheheh

    sub hooked up for testing 

    brought out the handy RTA

    look what we have here..

    Helix power station chilling by the side ( also going into the car)

    And also 18 ft of Shok Industries Competition Series 5200 Cable.. also waiting to go into the car..

    Another setup arrangement.. looks pretty promising

    2 Shok Industries 1/0 distro block at the side for power distribution and the green thingy is a batt cap.

    More pics to come soon !

  5. #4
    Hi all

    How’s everyone doing!!! Hope everyone had a great new year!

    Anyway, well, everyone’s been slacking and progress has been slow.

    Here’s some pics for you guys.

    The structure for the woofer box is already up.

    Woofer will be placed in the spare-tyre well.

    hmmm….. some more ideas..

    a little preview of some of the designs that will be in the boot

    Oo yeah, the ultimo 12” and the 8” side by side.. ( that was the old box from the old setup)

    stay tune for more pics!!!

    Cheers all!!

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    Just a little update on the build so far.

    The rear setup is still in the mids of being fabricated. But at least the sub box is up.

    Now previously I said that the positive run of 1/0 will be replaced with my comp cable, but since I found a new spool (the last one) of my Shok Competition series cable lying around in the store, we’re taking out the old 4707 CCA and replacing it with the Competition series cable

    The negative run

    now for the positive side

    the 10 ga power cable for the head unit


    now for the woofer box

    Now for a little decoration

    pair of A pillars chilling by the side.. hahaa.. ( but not for this build )

    Stay tuned for more good stuff!

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    Bandung, West Java . Indonesia
    1 Wk 3 Days 15 Hrs 55 Mins 44 Secs
    Giro Modcom
    Transfer Uang
    good install. hope you win this year.
    CST audio consultant
    Design , Research and Development
    0818203553 , 082119603553 , pin : 24E107F7 , 74E88859

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    Hey guys.

    Today we got the woofer box up and running!

    Pretty interesting results too!!!

    Plus some vids for you guys

    A little addition to the box… heheheh..

    Some RTA-ing..

    some sound proofing..


    and now for some FUN!!!

    A little warm up from safri duo

    A little male Chinese vocals + Chinese drums..

    ahh what the hell, lets have some fun….

    Next up will be the amp rack! Stay tuned!

    Cheers all!

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    Sub box is a nice fit.

    Power cable on the pulled on the passenger side. The red cable is for the F1 processor.

    Shok competition series cable..

    now for the slow build up behind..

    woofer baffle added..

    now for some goodies!

    Helix Power stations!!!

    now for the false floor

    more coming up soon 

    have a great weekend guys!

  10. #9
    Hi guys,

    Hope everyone had a good weekend. Didn’t get much done, but at least we got the 4 ga in!

    got the false floor wrapped up

    Here we have 2 Shok Industries 1/0 Distributor block.

    For this install, 1 block will be the positive block, the other will be the ground block.

    The ground block will house all the spare fuses.

    The amp rack is actually already up and wrapped up. Will be putting that in soon.

    Watch out for it!

    Cheers all!

  11. #10
    hey all,

    here's a little update.

    had more 4 ga running in the car today.

    This is the power cable, run over the driver side.

    well, mess before tidying up

    ]now for the much awaited amp rack.

    Here are some sneak peeks for u guys.. heheh..

    I just realized that I never did take any vids of the ultimo 8 for u guys.

    Made one specially for u folks 

    stay tuned for more goodies!

    Cheers all!

  12. #11
    Hi guys,

    Got a bunch of pics for u all today.

    Anyway, for all those who remember the like 8”ultimo and its enclosure, well, it’ll be going into its new home very soon.. some pics for a better idea of where its going

    a little covering

    something u don see everyday..

    now for the car itself..

    the amp rack is still under construction, so I shall take close ups to keep u guys in suspense.. heheheh….. and when the whole thing is done, I’ll take a nice big pic of the whole system..

    so here it goes:

    2 helix capacitors for more POWAAAAAA!!

    The fuse distro blocks in the back ground..

    we got in-car plumbing! Fishman put a fish tank in his ride, we’re gonna put a toilet bowl!! Ok just kidding  fishman does incredible work!

    hooking up the caps.

    now for a little intermissiong. Here’s another car that was in the install bay at the same time.. a little install, running 2 old school PPI amps, scanspeak illuminator series and a clarion 9255. those illuminator tweeters are pretty scary!!!! car’s running the older generation Shok Industries 4707 1/0 cable, with the first gen inline fuse holder and 1/0 fuse distro block.. I wasn’t around for the install, so missed out on the pics.. 

    ok now back to the car..

    nicely zipptied..

    cables remind me of nice candy.. yum yum..

    I wonder what this could be… any guesses?

    a toilet seat?

    Anyway, some close up of the capacitors..

    well that’s all for today.

    The boot setup will be done pretty soon, then it’ll be time for the A pillar. We actually experimented the A pillar on another identical car, if u liked the pillars in the old setup, wait till u see what we have in stored for this car 

    Cheers all!

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    Hi all,

    Today nothing much happened, but we did have a guest appearance today.

    This was our champion car back in 2008.

    Car system is as follows:

    HU+ processor: Alpine #F1
    Spkrs: Morel limited edition elate series( tweets replaced with piccolos)
    Amps: 2 x genesis dual monos, 2x genesis dual mono xtremes
    Sub: Morel Ultimo
    Others: 2x helix power stations.

    The protective matt was covering the other 2 amps

    Anyway, now back to the main car.

    Everything is all up. Here’s a funny thing, when the setup was built, we forgot where we were going to place toe #F1 processor. It was suppose to be placed behind the amp rack, but as u can see, aint no way its gonna fit.. haha.. so that we’ll leave for another day.. hahaha

    Anyway, that’s all for today! Stay tuned for more!!!!!


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    Well, nothing exciting over the weekend though, we are doing the angling and shit at the moment, testing various angles all.

    Anyway. Some progress on the rear.

    we got a little surprise for that little space 

    some A pillar pics.. been playing around with the angle past few days.. then this will be a huge ass A pillar build.. hahaa

    and now, some pics of the up front sub.. hahaha.. glove box looks pregnant.. heheh.

    some wiring.

    we tested out the sub, dam the thing was SMOOTH AND LOWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW..

    niceee.. once we have everything up, I’ll have the termlab on it.. hahahaha.. should be interesting..

    we had a DIYMA 12” lying around, so decided to have some fun with it

    Stay tuned for the A pillar build!

    Cheers all!

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    2 Days 18 Hrs 49 Mins 56 Secs
    Giro Modcom
    Transfer Uang
    keep update bro.. it's awesome!
    Fabulous acoustic FA 3
    Custom passive crossover by jantzen
    Speaker cable SR alpha quad
    Interconnect cable by SR twin decor
    Thanks to "Sound Blessing"

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    Letnan Dua
    1 Wk 5 Days 17 Hrs 48 Mins 55 Secs
    Giro Modcom
    Transfer Uang
    Agree, but please resize your pics as thumbnails/links to larger size, cause It takes long time to see this thread


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