One boob Ever since I started puberty and observed the other girls in the gym class locker room, I knew I was different -- I only had one boob on my chest. My chest boob was perfectly aligned in the center, but I soon found out in gym class that not having two boobs on my chest was an anomaly.Red Spider sex medicine I got a doctor`s note to withdraw from gym class, and I gradually withdrew from all extracurricular highschool activities, such as dances, pep rallies, and even dating. I finally met a guy I thought I could like.His name was Percy, and he was the captain of the chess team. He was so mild-mannered and eloquent, I felt he would accept me no matter what. He asked me to the homecoming dance, and I agreed to accompany him. After the dance, we went out and sat in car. At first, he was a perfect gentleman, but after a while, our teen hormones got the best of us, and I allowed him to feel me up. He got his hands up under my blouse, felt my chest boob, and asked me, "What`s this? You`ve only got one tit!"I responded, "Well, I do have another, but it`s down at my crotch."He groped in my panties and felt it, then leaned back and laughed. "Goddamn! You`ve got a tit where your pussy oughta be! Ha ha ha!"So, I raised my arm, and pissed on him.