Genie II A lady was walking along the beach and finds a genie`s lamp (typicalstart.. sorry :/>)She rubs the lamp.. and behold - a genie appears...Nanbao capsuleThe genie tells the lady that she is the 6th person to rub his lamp thatmorning and he would only grant her one wish... So the lady thinks for a bit.. and then says "well.. I have never been to hawaii.. However, I get sea sick on boats and i am scared of flying.So genie.. i wish for a bridge to hawaii."The genie.. face aghast.. says "Do u have any idea what u are askingfor??? - All the concrete.. the steal.. the engineering.... no!!.. I just can`t grant it.. It`s too much. But... You are still allowed to a wish"The lady thinks for a while and then goes "Well.. my says Idon`t understand him.. and all 5 of my ex-husbands said the same.. So genie.. i want to know what makes a man tick.. what motivates him,how he feels deep inside, how his mind works....."The genie sighs... and mumbles "would you like that bridge 2 laned or 4?"