Tyredog TPMS Tire Pressure Monitoring System

The Tyredog TPMS is a Wireless based system that measures both tire pressure and temperature in vehicles. The system automatically warns drivers when the tire pressure or temperature rises/falls beyond a programmable boundary. The monitor unit will send alerting beeps when the pressure or temperature boundaries are reached, giving the driver sufficient warning prior to situations that may arise due to the tire pressure. Vehicle down time, safety, and the cost of replacing tires and/or rims due to flats easily make up for the cost of the Tyredog TPMS.

The TD-1000A-X supports four tires and users can install this system without any mechanical knowledge. Monitor displays easy to read graphics with backlighting and muting buttons. External sensors allow drivers to easily change them when rotating tires or when switching to a different set of tires, i.e. for track use. The design of Tyredog external sensors are subjected to extreme temperature and humidity testing to ensure a weather resistant product.

Tyredog TPMS is installed in over 800,000 vehicles worldwide. Tyredog TD-1000A-X is the best external solution for drivers to keep track of the tire conditions and maintain tire pressures in optimal condition.


Increases tire life expectancy
Improve fuel economy, reducing CO2
Increase driving safety and reduced braking distance
Equalize tire wear
Real time detection of air leakage
Real time tire temperature readings
Automatic power off/on for maximum battery life

General Features

● Easy installation less than 5 minutes, all tools necessary for installation are included
● Pressure warning alerts when tire pressure boundaries are reached
● Temperature warning alerts when tire temperature rises above set limits
● Easy to read graphical screen layout
● Real time tire pressure and temperature
● Pressure accurate to +/- 1psi
● Temperature accurate to +/- 2 degrees C
● Amber Backlight


Tyredog Sensor
Operating Environment:
● Operating temperature range -40℃-125℃
● Operating humidity 100%
● Shock < 1000G in 1.5m height
● Pressure measurement 0 to 60psi

Tyredog Sensor Power
● Sensor uses CR1632 3V batteries (x4 included)
● Battery life : up to 2 Years, approx 4hrs driving per day

Tyredog Sensor Dimensions
● Weight 10g +/- 1g
● Size : 20.5 mm (Dia.) x 20 mm (H)

Tyredog TD-1000A Receiver/Monitor :

Operation environment
● Operating temperature range -20℃-80℃
● Storage temperature range -20℃-85℃
● Operating humidity up to 100%

● Power Required 12V DC or Battery DC 3V
● Battery Life 1 Year (4hr/day)
● Battery type AAA 1.5V (x2)

● Weight 100 g
● Size 91 mm (L) x 73.5 mm (W) x 22 mm (H)
● LCD View size 60mm (L) x 40mm (W)

Tyredog TD-1000A-X Kit

LCD Monitor 1 Piece
Mounting Bracket 1 Piece
Suction Bracket Base 1 Piece
Adhesive Bracket Base 1 Piece
AAA (LR03) Batteries 2 Pieces
12V Car Adaptor 1 Piece
Tyredog Wheel Sensors 4 Pieces
CR1632 Lithium Batteries 4 Pieces
SecureFit Ring and Hex Screw 4 Pieces
Allen Key 1 Piece

Introductory offer at IDR2,125,000 + shipping for Tyredog TD-1000A-X

Other models and configurations available.

Group buys and resellers welcome for purchases of 10 units or more.

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