DVD changer ALPINE DHA-S690 (sold,thanks modcom....)
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    Letnan Jendral
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    Cool DVD changer ALPINE DHA-S690 (sold,thanks modcom....)

    DVD changer ALPINE DHA-S690 6-disc kondisi muluuuus n segel ALPINE INDONESIA......sold

    Here's one player that does it all. Alpine's DHA-S690 6-disc DVD changer plays your CDs and your DVDs, and offers superior digital playback from a 24-bit digital-to-analog converter that delivers audiophile-quality sound to your car stereo. The DHA-S690 will handle about any format you throw at it — it plays regular CDs or DVDs, or either format loaded with MP3, WMA, or AAC files.

    The changer connects directly to any Alpine Ai-NET in-dash receiver, or it can operate as a stand-alone unit, sending its signal to your system through its RCA outputs. The DHA-S690 is Dolby Digital® and DTS® compatible — use the optical digital output to connect to an optional digital signal processor and build a surround system in your car.


    * 6-disc playback
    * plays DVD, DVD-R/-RW, DVD+R/+RW, Divx, CD, CD-R/RW, and MP3/WMA discs
    * Dolby Digital and DTS output
    * 0- to 90-degree mounting
    * Ai-Net and stand-alone operation
    * remote control included
    * dimensions: 10-1/16"W (12-3/8" with bracket) x 2-1/2"H x 6-9/16"D

    The Alpine DHA-S690 6-Disc Media Changer allows you to load your favorite DVDs and CDs for quality digital playback and performance in your vehicle. The DHA-S690 is designed to connect to your Alpine Ai-NET head unit or for stand-alone operation using RCA outputs. Its compact design and adjustable mounting allows you the flexibility to fit the changer in some glove compartments, center consoles, and rear compartments as well as mount the unit horizontally or vertically.

    This changer is directly compatible with Ai-NET equipped Alpine changer controllers using the supplied Ai-NET din cable and composite video cable, or it can be used as a stand alone unit using the supplied composite video cable and an optional stereo RCA audio cable. There is a switch on the front-panel of the unit behind the sliding-door which allows you to select whether you will be connecting the changer to Ai-NET system or a non-Ai-NET system.

    Playable Discs:
    The following 12 cm discs can be played back in the DHA-S690 - DVD Video, DVD Audio, DVD-R/RW, DVD+R/RW, CD Audio, CD-R/RW, and Video CD. Two-layer DVD discs are also compatible. This unit is not compatible with DualDisc.

    Playable Compressed Formats:
    The following compressed formats can be played on CD-R/RW, DVD-R/RW and DVD+R/RW using the DHA-S690 - MP3, WMA, AAC, WAV, JPEG, DivX, and ASF. MP3/WMA/AAC discs should be formatted using ISO9660 Level 1 or 2, or Joliet (Windows or Macintosh long filenames). The unit can support MP3 files with a bit rate of 32-320 kbps, WMA files with a bit rate of 48-192 kbps, and AAC files with a bit rate of 8-320 kbps. This changer can support up to 4,096 files/256 folders. In addition, this unit supports ID3 tag v1 and v2, and WMA tag. If tag data is in an MP3/WMA/AAC file, this unit can display the title (track title), artist name, and album name ID3 tag/WMA tag data. The changer can only display single-byte alphanumeric characters (up to 30 for ID3 tags and up to 15 for WMA tags) and the underscore.

    When connected to a compatible Alpine Ai-NET headunit, the DHA-S690 DVD changer can be controlled using your Alpine headunit's controls. The Alpine DHA-S690 comes supplied with an IR wireless remote control for wireless operation of the 6-disc DVD changer if your Alpine headunit features a remote output. In addition, the Alpine DVD changer comes supplied with an IR repeater which allows you use the changer as a stand-alone unit and control the unit from the supplied IR wireless remote when connected to another manufacture's multimedia headunit or monitor. The DHA-690 DVD changer offers the following playback controls through your compatible Alpine headunit or the changer's supplied remote control.

    * Play/Pause/Stop
    * Fast Forward/Reversing
    * 30 Seconds Forward Jump Function
    * Chapter/Track Search
    * Title/Group Search
    * Frame-By-Frame Playback (forward and reverse)
    * Slow Motion Playback (forward and reverse)
    * Direct Chapter/Track/File Search
    * Repeat Playback (Chapter/Title/Track/Group/Disc)
    * Random Play (All/Folder)

    Parental Lock:
    This feature allows you to restrict the viewing of movies by children of appropriate age levels only. The unit features an 8-level parental lock setting protected by a custom-user 4 digit password.

    The Alpine DHA-S690 is equipped with the following connections.

    * Power/Ground/Remote Input:
    This input supplies constant power, switched power and ground to the changer through its supplied harness which will need to be hardwired to your vehicle's electrical system. There is also a remote control input lead within in the harness which is used in combination with an Ai-NET compatible AV headunit or Alpine monitor with a remote control output lead.
    * Ai-NET Output:
    This proprietary Ai-NET output connects to your compatible Ai-NET Alpine headunit via the supplied DIN-cable. This cable provides audio and control for the changer.
    * Video Output:
    This composite video output connects to your compatible Alpine multimedia headunit's or monitor's composite video input, or any manufacture's monitor which features a composite video input for video display using the supplied video cable. The units video output can be set to 16:9 (Wide), 4:3 (Letter Box), or 4:3 Pan (Pan Scan). This unit also allows you to switch the video output configuration to NTSC or PAL according to the type of monitor and the disc recording method.
    * S-Video Output:
    This S-video output connects to your multimedia headunit's or monitor's S-video input for video display. An S-video cable is required.
    * Analog Audio Output:
    The left and right stereo RCA audio outputs connect to your non-Ai-NET multimedia headunit or monitor which features a stereo audio input for sound playback of your video. A stereo RCA cable is needed.
    * Digital Audio Output:
    This optical digital terminal is used to connect the DHA-S6590 to the Alpine digital audio processor (PXA-H700, sold separately) so you can enjoy Dolby Digital/DTS surround in your vehicle. An optical digital cable is sold separately.
    * Remote Input:
    2.5mm input for connecting the supplied IR repeater when your Alpine multimedia headunit does not feature a remote control output lead or you are connecting a different manufacture headunit or monitor

    Mounting: The Alpine 6-disc DVD changer can be mounted horizontally or vertically from 0 to 90-degrees using the supplied brackets and hardware. The unit measures 12.5" wide x 2.9375" tall x 7.615" deep when mounting the unit horizontally; and 12.5" wide x 7.8125" tall x 2.515" deep when mounting the unit vertically.


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    Letnan Jendral
    GASOLINE AUDIO STATION (Mega Glodok Kemayoran lt 6 blok f1-6)
    M-Store Point
    2 Mths 2 Wks 3 Days 3 Hrs 52 Mins 55 Secs


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