Tannoy Mercury F1 Custom
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    Kopral Kepala
    M-Store Point
    16 Hrs 11 Mins 49 Secs

    Tannoy Mercury F1 Custom

    "A great budget speaker - whether on the end of a micro system or budget separates". What Hi-Fi Sound and Vision magazine.

    The F1 Custom speakers are brought to you by loudspeaker masters, Tannoy. With a front ported cabinet they're easy to place yet efficient enough to be run with lower powered amplifiers, including micro systems. Solidly built and finished in an apple wood effect, the Tannoy Custom F1s not only look the part but are far better built than many rivals. This build quality follows through to the sound, which is detailed, natural and a match for more expensive rivals.

    For a top quality, compact speaker that will suit a wide variety of components, the Tannoy Custom F1 comes highly recommended.

    "These Tannoys are both lively and entertaining in a way that eludes most of the competition. They're a great budget buy, and easy to partner, too".

    "Tannoys are in a different league. They may not look it, but they sound expensive", "The eloquence and fluency of speakers in the next price point up".

    Power handling (watts): 100 RMS (peak)
    Recommended amp power (watts): 10 - 70 RMS
    Sensitivity (dB): 87
    Nominal impedance (ohms): 8
    Magnetically shielded? Yes
    W x H x D (mm): 170 x 300 x 220
    Weight (kg): 4 (each)
    Frequency response (Hz): 55 - 20,000
    Crossover frequency (kHz): 2.9
    Biwireable? No
    Connections: 4mm banana plug/binding posts
    Bass port? Front reflex
    Drivers: HF: 25mm(1") Nitro-Urethane layer damped woven polyester dome, shielded neodymium magnet assembly
    LF: 130mm (5") coated multi-fibre paper pulp cone
    Supplied accessories: Removable front grilles
    Finish: Dark oak
    Extra: 15mm (5/8") particle board cabinet with internal cross-bracing

    Barang baru. Brand new in box. Stok terbatas.
    Warna Dark Oak.
    Hrg 3jt (normal price 3.5jt)
    Berminat hub 08161187408

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    Kopral Kepala
    M-Store Point
    16 Hrs 11 Mins 49 Secs
    up lagi........................


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