Welcome to OEM-BEARING.com E SHOP. We are professional China bearing wholesaler.we sell bearing type: Deep groove ball bearings,Angular contact ball bearings,Self-aligning ball bearings,Cylindrical roller bearings,Spherical roller bearings,Cylindrical roller thrust bearings.1. To ensure that imported a large number of the spot, the origin of bearing;2. Cheap, timely delivery ,in stockBearing Product packaging appearance may change due to changes in the factory in order to prevail in kind packaging; The actual operation of the purchase price due to the specific circumstances of the time and vary in order to mutually agreed price. The original brand name products to ensure product quality commitment; More information on these products, as well as sourcing, delivery and other business information, please use the following exchange:TEL: +86-22-27596611 +86-22-27565577 Auto Fax : +86-22-87720337 Email: yangbearing@yahoo.com.cn Msn : yangwangli@hotmail.com Website: www.oem-bearing.com If you have the demand for bearings, please send an email to me. I will reply to you promptly. The best price, the transittime of goods, transport costs, weight, volume and other parameters in detail.Mode of transport:By AIR , By SHIPING , By UPS , By DHL , By FEDEX