Mobil berbahan bakar COKLAT !!!!
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    Letnan Kolonel
    M-Store Point
    17 Hrs 22 Mins 56 Secs

    Mobil berbahan bakar COKLAT !!!!

    Otomagz - Alternative fuels that environmentally friendly, could be from any material that may be even totally unthinkable before. Vegetable-fueled car, you probably already accustomed to hear. But what about the chocolate-fueled car?

    If in Indonesia, we had introduced 'jelantah' or used cooking oil as car fuel, in London, UK scientists using chocolate as fuel.

    Don't think that's used from chocolate bar, because the price of chocolate bars can be exorbitant. They use the brown waste from factories that had been discarded as a vegetable oil mixed with biofuel.

    Not only the fuel that is environmentally friendly, the car is also made from plant fibers are non-toxic. For example, the tire is made of fiber carrot and roots, the seat of a mixture of linseed and soybean oil foam. Its body was of plant fibers.

    Speed speed no less with the car in general. At this time a new test dikebut 96 miles per hour, but when tested on a path expected to penetrate belapan speed 232 kilometers per hour. The car named "WorldFirst Formula 3 racing" car that was to be used in the European Grand Prix races and Britain's Goodwood Festival of Speed.

    This project leader, James Meredith, said that this car is proof that the car produces a fast, efficient and environmentally friendly is no longer impossible.


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    M-Store Point
    19 Hrs 49 Mins 24 Secs
    mogok terus donk, coklat nya diabisin ama penumpangnya....


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