WTS Clarion dxz925 + CD Changer Clarion (murah)
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    WTS Clarion dxz925 + CD Changer Clarion (murah)

    permisi juragan-juragan semua.. ane mo numpang jualan HU+changer bekas ane.

    HU = Clarion DXZ925

    Clarion DXZ925
    * Motorized, Dual Action Detachable Face
    * CD Player with RDS Radio
    * 4x50W High Power Output
    * Remote Control
    * Dual 24-bit D/A Converter
    * CDR/RW Compatible
    * CE-NET CD/MD Changer Control
    * 3 x 4V Preouts for connection of External Amplifiers (Front, Rear & Sub)
    * CD Text, Integrated Decoder for Virtual 5.1-Channel Dolby Pro Logic II System
    * AC Processor II with Time Alignment Control and Virtual Space Enhancer
    * Built-in adjustable High-Pass crossovers for Front/Rear/Center Channels
    * Built-in adjustable Low-Pass crossover with Subwoofer Volume Control
    * Aux Input, Listen to your mobile phone through radio speakers via selectable 'aux-in' function
    * High Resolution 64 Colour Full-Dot Graphics Display
    * DAB and TV Control via Ce NET
    * Telephone Mute
    * Solid aluminium front panel has dual action motorized opening down to insert CD. Controls accessible with panel in down position
    * Switchable Button Illumination Colour
    * Beat EQ enhancer plus sound control with 3 band parametric equaliser
    * Loop-back circuit for optional Dolby Digital and DTS decoder
    * Functional and attractive colour-highlight control buttons
    * Magi-Tune+ Tuner with 18FM/6AM Presets

    CD changer isi 6. Clarion. Gw lupa serinya.. nanti malam gw cek.

    Harga HU+remote+Changer = Rp. 1.500.000,-

    Silahkan ditawar... but no afgan ok?

    foto seadanya dulu.. besok diupdate lagi...

    CP = 08179891973

  2. GLX Games
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    bozz bs nego gak kbrin gw aja di 081347807000 stive thx

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    Sersan Dua
    M-Store Point


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    Letnan Dua
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    2 Days 8 Hrs 57 Mins 37 Secs
    bos, cd changer nya aja gw tawar 300 rb
    kalo boleh PM yah. Thx


Datsun 300x250 MBtech

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