OZ matrix elite 10 inch muluuuuus,lengkap dus n bukunya....
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    Talking OZ matrix elite 10 inch muluuuuus,lengkap dus n bukunya....

    berhubung ga dapet2 nich sub 1pc lagi,akhirnya dijual aja dech

    kondisinya baru dipakai untuk coba aja,jadi masih muluus banget n lengkap dus,buku dll nya................1,8jt

    OZ Audio
    Me10.4 - OZ Audio 10" 1400 Watt Dual 4 Ohm Matrix Elite Subwoofer


    The Oz Matrix Elite series of subwoofers represent Oz Audio's obsession to create the ultimate in subwoofer technology. Every aspect of these subwoofers was designed and scrutinized to ensure maximum SPL and the ultimate in sound quality.

    * Diameter: 10"
    * Impedance: Dual 4 Ohm
    * Power Handling (RMS/Peak): 700W / 1400W
    * Sensitivity (1W/1M): 85dB
    * Frequency Response: 20-500Hz
    * Xmax (mm): 25mm
    * Fs (Hz): 36Hz
    * Mounting Depth: 6 1/2"
    * Mounting Diameter: 9 1/8"
    * Voice Coil Diameter: 2"
    * U-Turn Hyper Surround composed of dense UV treated foam, shaped into a nonstandard profile representing a "U". This design accomplishes two goals: The cone's surface area is maximized, therefore maximizing SPL output. Additionally, the surround's taller profile allows for increased Xmax and linearity.
    * Three layer cone comprised of two layers of braided glass fiber with a layer of nomex sandwiched in between to create a material which is extremely rigid, yet remarkably lightweight.
    * Competition style aluminum die-cast basket
    * Underlap cone attachment
    * The spider assembly comprised of blended cotton and nomex, called conex, results in a materail that is flexible like cotton, yet has the tensile strength of nomex. Additionally, the lead wires are interwoven into the spider to eliminate breakage during extreme SPL excursion.
    * Dual wound, 2-inch voice coils on a glass fiber former.
    * Cross-Vent intercooling through the basket to allow the voice coils to remain cool during operation. 8. 150 ounce triple magent motor assembly
    * Custom engraved chrome backplate with Oz Audio logo engraved. Additionally, the backplate has a vented radius.
    * Extended Coil Windings for Increased Xmax
    * Double Sided Engraved Rubber Gasket
    * Protective Rubber Magnet Sleeve
    * Specially Designed Vacuum Formed Dust Cap
    * Nickel Plated Push Terminals



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NGK Busi MBtech

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