PORSCHE 993 Price Comparison & Appreciation
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    Kopral Kepala
    M-Store Point
    15 Mins 35 Secs

    PORSCHE 993 Price Comparison & Appreciation

    Info dari Ebay.com (Maret, April, Mei 2007)
    Harga Bin (Buy It Now) = harga klo langsung beli tanpa bid di auction.
    Sold = Terjual , Seller not sold = Penjual gak mau jual dengan harga tawaran terakhir, Not sold at price = tidak terjual pada harganya

    # 190094535069 Porsche993'95=sold $ 38.000
    # 170084448698 Porsche 993'95=sold $ 36.000
    # 150109008608 Porsche 993'95=seller didn't sell at bid price $ 35.900
    # 130088554404 Porsche 993'96=sold $ 39.900
    # 170099070883 Porsche 993'96=seller didn't sell at bid price $ 39.600
    # 160111216015 Porsche 993’97 = Bin $ 39.995
    # 120115815283 Porsche 993’97 = Bin 41.500
    # 1160113693767 Porsche 993’97 Bin $ 57.500
    # 270117287375 Porsche 993’98 Bin $ 48.900
    # 130107244861 Porsche 993’98 Bin $ 53.900

    # 230103039744 Porsche 996'00=not sold at $ 35.999
    # 170094258306 Porsche 996'01=not sold at $ 32.995
    # 130090273606 Porsche 996'02=not sold at $ 41.900
    # 130085100051 Porsche 996'02=not sold at $ 45.900
    # 190109667039 Porsche 996’03 Bin $ 46.900
    # 280107195441 Porsche996’04 Bin $ 46.999

    # 140114682422 Porsche 997’05 Bin $ 62.000
    # 150118369208 Porsche 997’05 $ 49.200 (highest bid at the end , seller didn’t sell it)
    # 200105762684 Porsche 997’05 $ 50.000 (highest bid at the end , seller didn’t sell it)

    # 190110882443 Boxster 2.5’98 Bin $ 16.495
    # 110120935616 Boxster 2.7’00 Bin $ 17.900
    # 330117541868 BoxsterS 3.2’00 Bin $ 22.495
    # 190108999083 Boxster 2.7'04 = bin $ 36.900
    # 160108162814 Boxster 2.7'04 = bin $ 34.995
    # 270114505456 Boxster S3.2'04 = bin $ 35.991

    # 280110810622 Cayenne S V8'03 = bin $ 36.800
    # 160111238979 Cayenne V6'05 = bin $ 39.995
    # 140114977886 Cayenne V6'05 = bin $ 39.500
    # 160113946278 Cayenne S V8'05 = bin $ 39.900

    # 230124517706 BMW Z4’03 Bin $ 22.499
    # 140108975723 BMWZ4 3.0’05 Bin $ 33.999
    # 130094685492 BMW Z4'07 = bin $ 37.900

    # 260113919464 Benz SLK230Komp’98 Bin $ 13.900
    # 180112073281 Benz SLK230Komp’00 Bin $ 15.499
    # 330093880641 Benz SLK350'05 = bin $ 36.999
    # 140113818248 Benz SLK280’07 Bin $ 41.850 (NEW CAR)

    # 330115622851 BMW Z3’00 Bin $ 13.995
    # 330116030051 BMW Z3 3.0’01 Bin $ 15.500

    # 150120405408 Subaru WRX-Sti’05 Bin $ 26.991
    # 180114918285 Subaru WRX-Sti’06 Bin $ 27.980
    # 110123474702 Lancer Evo IX’05 Bin $ 26.900
    # 280110454658 Lancer Evo IX’06 Bin $ 27.900

    # 180127753522 Honda S2000'06 Bin $ 26.850


    Best looking real porsche EVER fellas!
    993 greatest 911 ever
    The shape is just so gorgeous, even so better than the 997 in a lot of ways.
    They will never go out of style
    The last & the most gorgeous aircooled 911.
    993s worth more than 996s
    less 993s made than 996s
    better looking than the 996
    the 993 is the Porsche enthusiast's choice
    prefer the 993's handling to that of the 996
    The 996 is not a true 911, just a bloody good GT
    Sold a 993 to buy a fully loaded, new 996, took me 6 weeks to realize I'd made a giant mistake.
    It's classy, sexy, visceral
    The 993 is really for true enthusiast who uses the car for weekend thrill
    The only thing is you will collect a lot of business cards on your windshield asking if your 993 is for sale....
    mastercard would say, "Priceless"
    The 993 will go down in history as the best looking 911,it had that go-kart feel that will always be missing in the 996
    A piece of art!!
    993s will worth a lot of money in the near future.
    I sold my 997 and want a white 993...
    993 is the best work porsche has ever done
    I drove the 993 3 days in a row. It still puts a smile on my face every time!
    993 is flat out gorgeous and much more involved, go for it
    You guys crack me up with the vote for the 993 but have 996 avatars.
    996's are everywhere, when was the last time you saw a 993 on the road?
    the 993s are starting to creep up in value again
    A friend of mine with a pristine 996 say the 993 is as funny to drive as a gokart
    993 will be worth considerably more than the 996 in five or ten years.
    996 cars selling for less than 993's even though they are newer with more bells and whistles
    Depreciation is when you park a car in your garage and it bleeds value all by itself. Not seeing that happen with 993s
    Bring high prices because they are rare and there are enough who want rare, pristine, low-mile cars like that to support the high prices
    You can’t go wrong with 993s
    Pristine low mileage 993s have hit a plateau in pricing because of their unique "last real Porsche" reputation
    the 996 is a great car to own for a few years but the market has passed judgement on value over time and the numbers do not lie.
    The original question wasn't 993 OR 996- it was 993 AND 996 or 993 AND 993.
    The 993 is generally considered the high water mark in Porsche design.
    Point is the 996 is a great car. I considered it but the 993 is what really answered the call.
    Porsche sold more 996's because the market for "expensive" cars was much better than when the 993 was ripe, not because they preferred 996's.
    The 996 kind of drives like a no frills Japanese car if you treat it like one, but will scream out Porsche all over when you step on it. The 993 is ...... drivers like a kit car..... go cart....
    The one car I wish I still had was my 993. The most refined of the air cooled 911's. The 997 is more of a touring car and I'm not complaining, I just miss the air cooled traditional 911 with all it's quirks.
    I have both Ferrari 360 as well as 1997 Porsche C2S, the Porsche is totally different, you might be sorry you sold it.
    The 996 is cheaper, a more comfortable daily driver and a bit faster/torquer than the 993.
    The 997 GT3, would be my choice for an addition to 993, not instead of.
    I recently went through my 996 vs 993 debate and chose the 993 as my first Porsche.
    The 993 felt like what I had always assumed a Porsche would feel like. the 996 reminded me too much of my old Toyota MR2.
    The 993 Turbo S has achieved collector car status due to it's low production and being the last and fastest of the "air-cooled" turbos. It will maintain it's value for a long time.
    993 turbo S or 996 turbo ? get both, but get the 993TTS first.
    993 Turbo S... It's a absolute classic and looks 100X better than the 996 Turbo.
    996TT value wont hold as good as 993 S
    Should I keep my 993?? seems like everybody regrets selling their 993. Keep it!
    Should I keep my 993?? keep it, 10 years from now you will be glad you did
    I wish I would have never sold my 993.
    I loved my 993 and would really like to get another.
    Friends don’t let friends trade a 993 for a 996, in a few years the 996 will be worth less than 993.
    I had to make a choice between my 05 C2S cab and my 97 C2 due to space issues. My wife thought I lost my mind, but guess what, I held on to my 993. I don’t regret it a bit.
    No other 911 has the same effect on me, not even the new 997. Somehow these curves of the 993 are timeless and I think the most beautiful 911 ever produced
    Assuming they all cost about the same, would you rather have a 993 turbo, 996 turbo, 996 GT3, or a new 997? They're all converging in the same price range right now. i personally would take the 993 turbo if you can find the one you want. I choose this because its the timeless and most traditional to the purists alas why its price is being held high up to now. my second choice would be the 997. To me the 996 is the most bland 911 of them all .
    I would get the 993 TT because everyone and their mothers have 996’s.
    I have both, the 993’s much more of a real sport car, 996’s more civilized street driven to go to starbucks.

  2. Rekeningku.com
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    Letnan Dua
    M-Store Point
    3 Mins 12 Secs
    nice... tp mobil ini di indo jarang d kyknya... bykan 997 ato 996

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    Kopral Kepala
    M-Store Point
    15 Mins 35 Secs
    kayaknya seh jarang, di dunia aja juga gak sebanyak 996 or 997, makanya harganya tinggi dan naik terus.
    Gw sendiri juga gak tau ada brapa banyak di indo.
    Anyway, it is only my dream.
    "Straight is for Fast Car, Corner is for Fast Driver"

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    Kopral Kepala
    M-Store Point
    15 Mins 35 Secs
    Beberapa appreciation untuk PORSCHE 993 dari www.autobahn.com

    "The 993 is the pinnacle of the original embodiment of the 911. The 996 is a much more “normal"" car. "
    The 993 is the ultimate 911, and it makes beautiful music...
    Forget the water cooled thing, its just not a 911 any more .
    I would personally prefer the 993 anytime. the 996 is the right choice for your wife :-)
    993 .. its the last of the purebred 911s. 996s are for the non enthusiast.
    I totally agree with your comments since I own a 993 TT and have wanted to upgrade into a 996TT or a GT 2. Yes I afford it but being in the position to test drive them all, stay with the 993 !!!!!
    The 993s are now COLLECTOR CARS.Buy a good one now and never worry about depreciation.
    If you get into a 993, you are buying automotive history. They will increase in value as being the last and best of the traditional Porsches.
    They are the last and best of the aircooled classic Porsches and will command premiums now and ... hopefully more so in the future. My guess is.. if you want a depreciation free car, a 993 is it.
    A 2001 996 tt can be had for less than a 993 tt. My guess is the 993 will hold it's value better as it is the end of an era.
    In the US most 993 C2 will go for more than a 996 C2 with the same miles.
    I actually sold a 2004 911 I bought new a year ago and purchased in its place the 1995 993. It is actually amazing how close (ab out a $15K spread) the selling price was on the 2004 911 compared with the purchase price of the 1995 993.
    The 996 has been called more of a Lexus on steroids than a Porsche.
    the 993 presents the last great porsche design and engineering.
    Much more soul than 996TT
    Looks, a lot of people like the 993 look, as the 996 is bastardized by the Boxster evil twin
    Air Cool: Die-hard Porsche guys will tell you it's not a Carrera unless it is air-cooled. They sound better, and smell better than the 996
    The 996tt is still depreciating. The 993tt prices is relatively stable
    I will take a 993 over a 996 anyday!
    In UK, £25k will buy you a '00 Maserati with fewer miles and owners compared to the 993 (newest 993 you can buy is a '97), where in reality nearer to £28k is needed for a low(ish) mileage .
    The 993 seems to have more character and raw appeal.
    "Hand built. Finely tuned. Plays beautiful music." Sounds like the 993 was mostly hand built. That's a good thing!
    The 996 is a nice car... The 993 is a GREAT Porsche.
    The 996TT is also a very nice car but I would buy the 993TT
    the 993 Gt2 is the most beautiful Porsche ever made!!! The 996 GT2 is just a better 996 turbo with a lot of useless gadjets
    I am still for the 993 because it looks a lot tougher and the engine sound is orgasmic!!!!!!!!!!!
    The 993 GT2, is better than the 996 GT2. It\'s quicker, looks more racy, and just has more magic.

    Will the 997 hold it's value better than the 996?
    in the uk, you lose about 8-9k (that's british pounds!) in a year on a 997S now so it's just as bad as the 996 anyway. Obviously if you buy a 996 now e.g. a new 996 Turbo, it's going to depreciate faster than the speed of sound, possibly light....
    "Furthermore, If the 998 and subsequent generations are too aggressively futuristic, the 997 will be recognized as a true modern classic; ranking just behind the 993. "

    993 TT or 996 TT?
    I've owned both. The 993 was by far sportier and a much better design. The 996 TT looked like 2 cars were put together. Plus the 993 rear spoiler is much better than the 996. However the 997 TT looks quite interesting.
    The 993 TT is supposed to be my next car. Of all the cars in the world, this is the one I want the most (right now).

    Had a 996 but went back to a 993 TT
    I love both cars, but something about the 993 just kept calling me back and I think in the long run it was the fact that it seemed to be more of a hand built car (even if it really is not)

    Does anyone prefer the 993 to the 996?
    A friend of mine has owned both and he says...993 feels like it's a complete unit, whereas the 996 feels like a porsche built by BMW! enough said!.

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    Sersan Mayor
    M-Store Point
    6 Hrs 43 Mins 44 Secs
    good info

    sesama penggemar porsche ne

    salam kenal

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    Kopral Kepala
    M-Store Point
    15 Mins 35 Secs
    salam kenal juga.
    pake porsche tipe apa neh ?
    "Straight is for Fast Car, Corner is for Fast Driver"

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    Kopral Kepala
    M-Store Point
    15 Mins 35 Secs
    Tambahan appreciation lagi :

    Some us hate the 986/996/987/997. We hate these cars because they are parodies of what a Porsche should be, because they are cheap inside and out, because they are not as durable as the air-cooled cars, because they are not as pretty, because they are quieter and plusher, and because they are much cheaper to buy and own.
    The air-cooled 911 (993) is a perfect package,built by hand and by old machines in Stuttgart slowly, engineered without a single thought for the incompetent, the unskilled, the uncaring. Never again.
    I will drive a few 996's and also a 997.. but my first P-car will be a 993
    The water-cooler Porsches are great. But the air-coolers are the greatest.
    996 more useable, 993 more desireable
    993 hardcore supercar .... 996 to the 993 a ladies supercar...
    The purists will tell you, they stopped making the '911' after the 993
    993 are really nice, and collectable as the last of the hand built air-cooled cars and all
    No question - 993.
    As for future value, in the UK 996 prices are already starting to dip below 993 level. This is just the beginning. In the end , it's like comparing a used quartz to a used mechanical unit.
    "Straight is for Fast Car, Corner is for Fast Driver"

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    Kopral Kepala
    M-Store Point
    15 Mins 35 Secs
    Ebay :
    # 140133323098 VW Golf GTI 2005 = Bin $ 16900
    # 330139719026 Vw Golf Gti 2006 = Bin $ 20,900

    # 150133349932 Porsche 993'96 = seller didn't sell at highest bid $ 50.100
    "Straight is for Fast Car, Corner is for Fast Driver"

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    Kopral Kepala
    M-Store Point
    15 Mins 35 Secs
    Harga Porsche 993 TURBO S 1997

    Ebay # 170134136685 31/7/07 Porsche 993 Turbo S'97 = seller didn't sell at highest bid $ 155.100
    "Straight is for Fast Car, Corner is for Fast Driver"


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